Fireteam Castle
  • Fireteam Castle
  • Fireteam Castle
  • Fireteam Castle
  • Fireteam Castle
  • Fireteam Castle
  • Fireteam Castle

Fireteam Castle

Verteidige deine Stellung mit einem Team heldenhafter Spartans!

Im Angesicht der Gefahr rücken die furchtlosen Spartans vom Fireteam Castle enger zusammen! Baue deine Basis zusammen und statte deine Soldaten zum Kampf mit der authentischen gelben Rüstung und detailgetreuen Waffen aus. Gehe dann hinter der zusammenbaubaren Barrikade in Deckung und trotze dem Feind, wenn du das Feuer vom zusammenbaubaren Geschützturm erwiderst!

Perfekt für Kinder ab 8 Jahren


  • 4 besonders detailgetreue, superbewegliche Spartan-Mikro-Aktionsfiguren
  • Fireteam mit Spartan Technician, Spartan Hunter, Spartan Vector und Spartan War Master
  • Zusammenbaubarer Kampfplatz mit funktionstüchtigem Geschützturm
  • Die Figuren sind mit auswechselbaren Rüstungen und authentischen Waffen ausgestattet
  • Sammeln und mit anderen Halo-Bausets von Mega Construx verbinden
  • Erschaffe dein Halo-Universum, es gibt keine Grenzen!

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8 Reviews

  • Mohammad_Tohidi

    Great selection of weapons for figures. The only thing that could've been added to the set was two sandbags, and replacing a platform so the figure (known as spartan vector) that is jumping can be more stable, as well as a storage box and a plant for detail.

  • The_Canadian_Confederate

    I like the figures and emblems included with this set, however the terrain elements as well as the variety, and quantity of weapons and accessories has gone too far down hill in regards to these troop packs. We also ought to be getting the standard five figures with these so called "fireteams". Remember how good we had it with the "Fireteam Crimson", and "Venom" sets? It would be alright if the price reflected the decrease in items included in these sets, however it only seems to go up...

  • MacLeod

    So .. first off, Mega, you can do better, Start giving us 5 Fire Team members when there are suppose to be FIVE FIRE TEAM MEMBERS. You already set the standard for fireteams to be in teams of 5, you can't cheap skate out of it now. Why are you being so cheap? compare this to Fire Team Crimson and you really show how sad your sets have become. Moving on. The gun emplacement is meh, the Covenant one works better, The weapons are ok for the selection, but having the old fire team spread would of been better. The barrier is a clever build. The Vector armor is the main reason I got this set, it needs some paint ap under that visor though. The Good Good figures The bad Skimping ON figures The Turret is meh Lack of weapons The alright The barrier and the weapon selection is not trash Three Stars. You can and have done better.

  • GreenSpartan082

    From what I can see this set has a decent array of weapons and accessories. Ecpecially what appears to be rocket boots. However the terrain is lacking. PS this isn't the real Fireteam Castle, it's just a made up name.

  • ThisInfernox

    This set looks good but I have a few complaints. He fifth member of fire team castle needs to be here. I don’t just want to see the fifth never pop up in some halo heroes. The other members look amazing. The vector is great and the rocket feet are great. The land is lacking and the turret is fine. Weapons are good but I think the figures are the stars. Mega where’s the fifth member? I might pick this up but I’ll be thinking about it