• Von Halo Infinite inspiriertes UNSC Mongoose-Fahrzeugbauset mit rollenden Rädern, die sich mit dem Lenker drehen und Platz für 2 Figuren bieten
  • 2-in-1-Bauspielzeug: Entscheide dich für den Bau der Mongoose oder eines Scout-Speeders
  • 4 hoch sammelnswerte Mikro-Actionfiguren, 2 UNSC-Marinesoldaten, ein Elite-Söldner und ein Grunt-Rekrut, mit authentischen Details, 12 Gelenkpunkten, Austellungsständern und austauschbarem Waffenzubehör
  • Dieses Bauset ist ideal für Kinder ab 8 Jahren und bietet detaillierte Echtheit zur Stärkung kreativer Denkfähigkeiten
  • 123 Bausteine und Teile sind mit allen Mega Construx-Bausets kombinierbar und mit anderen Marken kompatibel
Zieh‘ in den Kampf - oder mache eine gewagte Flucht - gegen den UNSC Mongoose. Dieses Geländewagen, das seinem Vorbild aus Halo Infinite nachempfunden ist, verfügt über ein verbessertes Lenksystem und bietet Platz für 2 Soldaten. Oder entscheide dich für den Bau eines Scout-Speeders, um ein wenig Aufklärung aus der Luft zu betreiben. Dieses Bauset enthält auch 4 Mikro-Actionfiguren, die in einem Fahrzeug deiner Wahl platziert werden können. Entdecke, was vor dir liegt. 

Ideal für Probuilder ab 8 Jahren

Was enthalten ist
  • 123 Bausteine und Teile
  • 4 Mikro-Actionfiguren

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29 Bewertungen

  • LavaHunter19

    This is possibly my favorite set because it's an amazing army builder you can get two marines and a grunt minor and an elite minor, I feel like the figures are the main star of the set not the mongoose and I personally prefer to have the radar tower alternate build but I would not change anything about it

  • MuffinHunter326

    Well, this is my first review! Here’s what I want to say. What’s good about the set is the fact that it’s an outstanding army builder. This is one of the first new sets that contains 2 friends and 2 foes. Usually, there’s a huge UNSC battalion...and one grunt or something. The mongoose is a good addition, but for some reason I find the part that joins the wheels is a bit skinny, so it doesn’t look all that good. BUT I love that turning mechanism. The elite has great colors and a really cool helmet. The grunt has a nice methane tank, and I appreciate the fact that 343 brought back that old grunty orange from CE and 2. The marines have good armor, but the legs...I find myself agreeing with Hamborger on them. Seeing as they are Call of Duty legs, they don’t go well. Now the marines are taller than SPARTANS, aren’t compatible, and they don’t go well on stands. Not sure if everybody has this problem, but I usually keep my idle figures with one leg on the front of the stand, and the other on the back. These joints don’t allow one foot to be in front, so they’re both in the back. It makes them easy to fall over when I film stop motion videos, so I I had to use an old, four-stud, square stand. Not that I have a problem with that, it just takes up more space. The removable helmets are really nice, but I really wish that MEGA would turn to using magnetism since the holes in the heads don’t look good(This goes for all figures).The grunt needler has nice detail, and the plasma rifle is good. The SMG and the assault rifle have a good matte finish. The mongoose has nice hand grips, and the green is quite cool. The name “Recon Getaway” is also pretty sweet. I built the speeder bike, and it looks nice, balances well, it looks cool flying over a battlefield. It makes for a good scout vehicle, and can double as a search-and-rescue. Good price too, well worth the $15.00. It’s a great set, 5/5 stars. Thanks for reading my review!!!😊😊😊

  • Whiskey2shots

    Love the kit, brilliant little army builder, and love the new figures, the marines look and feel far better than those of old, as well as the covenant figures!

  • Hamborger

    The set is overall great, but there is one big issue I have with this set and all this year's other sets as well: The new Marines are terrible. The CoD legs cause so many issues:
    * They're too tall, so now Marines are taller than Spartans and Brutes. To fix this, Spartans and Brutes will need to be made larger, which will in turn make all current and older figures not go with larger future ones.
    * The CoD legs don't work with existing leg armor pieces, so that option for customization is gone on the new Marines. Like with the figures, any new armor pieces made for these tall legs will be incompatible with current and past ones, dividing the amazing armor system Mega has built up.
    * These Marines are slightly too tall for several older vehicles. Like with the figures and armor, any new vehicles designed for this new height, especially if the Spartans and Brutes grow as well, might be too big for current figures, and current and older vehicles built for the original size will be too small for newer figures.
    *The legs aren't proportionate. These legs were designed for CoD figures with smaller heads and longer arms, putting them on Halo figures looks sloppy. The feet are too small and don't match the larger proportion of the head, and the shorter arms. These Marines also don't look right beside even the current Spartans. They look like CoD figures. The themes are separate, keep them that way.

    So, if the Marines had to be changed, why not make them smaller so that they're the correct size compared to all the other figures? Now they're giant. I'm already predicting that there are possible plans to size up Halo figures like the Destiny ones, which is a terrible idea. Them being small is what makes them unique, they're MICRO action figures. Don't make them bigger. If you want to mess around with the sizes, scale all the figures to be the right size compared to current Spartans.

    I heard that some Mega insider said that these Marines with CoD legs is an experiment on Reddit. It's a failed experiment. People either hate the change or don't care, no one actively likes it. Let this be a warning. If you start messing with the established scale that we've had for 10+ years, I'm done buying new sets because there's no point in doing so if I can't use them with the backlog of stuff I already own. The success of long-running themes like this are backwards compatibility, people can build up a large army of vehicles and figures over many years and that's what keeps them coming back. Take away that backwards compatibility, and the theme loses all long-term appeal.

  • DiamondSpider_44

    Over all this set was pretty good, the only issue I have is my grunt has 2 left legs and when ever I put the model number in it says this model number does not exist.