Shields of Requiem Lance
  • Shields of Requiem Lance
  • Shields of Requiem Lance
  • Shields of Requiem Lance
  • Shields of Requiem Lance
  • Shields of Requiem Lance
  • Shields of Requiem Lance
  • Shields of Requiem Lance

Shields of Requiem Lance


Wehre den Feind mit einer Truppe furchteinflößender Covenant-Söldner ab!

Die Söldnerelite von Shields of Requiem Lance ist in der Kunst des Kämpfens ausgebildet und übernimmt die Wache! Baue den Energieschild zusammen, um dich vor Eindringlingen jeder Art zu schützen. Rüste dann deine Truppen mit den detailgetreuen Rüstungen und Waffen aus und eröffne das Feuer mit dem zusammenbaubaren Plasmageschützturm!

Perfekt für Kinder ab 8 Jahren


  • 4 besonders detailgetreue, superbewegliche Covenant-Söldner-Mikro-Aktionsfiguren
  • Combat Lance mit 1 Elite Ranger, 1 Elite Minor, 1 Jackal Minor, und 1 Grunt Minor
  • Zusammenbaubarer Kampfplatz mit funktionstüchtigem Plasmageschützturm
  • Die Figuren sind mit auswechselbaren Rüstungen und authentischen Waffen ausgestattet
  • Sammeln und mit anderen Halo-Bausets von Mega Construx verbinden
  • Erschaffe dein Halo-Universum, es gibt keine Grenzen!

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11 Reviews

  • Halofanboi

    Pretty good set. I thought the jackal could have smaller legs and "feathers at the elbow. The turret was great and the other figures were good.

  • bobned2

    I really love this set because of the variants of species used. I have some Elites from older sets and love how in this set the legs change to be more like in the game. The turret is great, it shoots far and can knock over a figure. The only issue I have is the figure holding onto the gun, it's not terrible but I just leave an older figure on it so I don't need to switch the figures as much. Overall Its a great set for the frontlines of a battlefield.

  • Redtrooper117

    It is a good troop builder but it is hard for the elites to hold the turret with two hands and the shield is really small. Everything has a nice design though. Not a lot of weapon to go around sadly.

  • DaPperJay

    This is one of the most massable covenant troop builders. Comes with a fully articulated jackal, ranger, elite minor, and grunt. As well as a printed energy barriers and an energy cannon. The terrain around the energy cannon looks very alien-esc. As well as a good play feature for that cannon great for all ages.

  • The_Canadian_Confederate

    Personally, I think I like this set the best out of the three newest troop packs. For one thing, it is another covenant troop builder, and it adds an updated and extra-articulated Jackal to the figure variety. It is also nice to get another Fuel-Rod wielding Grunt, and another Ranger Elite. For some reason I really like the translucent plant elements, and the reddish coloured Storm rifle. The only thing I would have done differently, would be to have included a fifth figure, and some extra weapons and accessories.