Spartan Grant

Spartan Grant

Lasse mit Spartan Grant den Glanz von Requiem wieder aufleben!

Tedra Grant vom Fireteam Majestic bleibt angesichts der Gefahr standhaft! Diese aufwendig gestaltete Deluxe-Mikro-Aktionsfigur mit hohem Sammelwert ist mit einer authentischen DWR-Waffe ausgestattet, hat eine abnehmbare Rüstung und lässt sich mit einem durchsichtigen Display-Stab auf einem zusammenbaubaren Ständer mit gedrucktem Namenszug präsentieren. Wähle deinen Lieblingshelden aus oder führe deine Fireteams mit allen sechs Figuren zum Sieg!

Perfekt für Kinder ab 8 Jahren


  • Superbewegliche Spartan-Grant-Mikro-Aktionsfigur mit hohem Sammelwert
  • Hochwertig bedruckt, mit exklusivem Display-Ständer
  • Figur mit abnehmbarer Rüstung und DMR-Waffe
  • Zusammenbaubarer Ständer mit gedrucktem Namenszug und transparentem Display-Stab
  • Sammeln und mit anderen Halo-Bausets von Mega Construx verbinden
  • Erschaffe dein Halo-Universum, es gibt keine Grenzen!

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4 Bewertungen

  • SPARROW_1115

    i feel like ever halo hero i buy happens to have a paint errors. this one has some, my series 2 scout has some, my series 2 oceanic, and series 2 gungnir, and a whole lot of other ones.

  • DemarcationMedia

    After watching the Halo 4 Spartan Ops mini series, I became a big fan of Fireteam Majestic. Once I found out that Mega Construx has the entire team as micro action figures, I made it my goal to collect all of them. I stumbled upon Spartan Grant in a box of Halo Heroes Series 9. Who knows why she was in there, but she was, so I jumped at the opportunity and grabbed her. Once I got the figure out of the box however, I found the the paint on the torso armor was all cockeyed and the left leg (when viewed from the front) wouldn't even stay in. After some trouble trying to find the part number for the leg, Mega Construx replaced the entire figure for me. They were super helpful and the figure came in a reasonable time. The replacement figure was almost just as messed up though! Just in the opposite ways. So I was able to piece together a full figure that looked great. I really like the figure, and can definitely recommend it. The figure is really accurate to the on-screen character. Just hope you don't end up with defects. (However, I did end up with a very nicely painted extra DMR from all this. So that's a nice bonus). The only real con I can think of with the figure in good condition is the fact that the Pathfinder armor only fits on a female torso.

  • SPARTAN_2005

    this set looks really awesome! cant wait to get it. i'm really excited that they finally made the last member of fire team majestic.

  • Bloodgorger-343

    The minifigure looks very awesome, it would’ve been better if she had a different weapon rather than a DMR, like she would use the Assault Rifle, but it’s actually okay.

    Still, I can’t wait to get this!