Mikro-Aktionsfiguren Series XVI

  • Pieces 20
  • Item CNC84
  • Age 8+

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12 Bewertungen

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  • LaserKing62

    i do not have a singil one

  • TacoSpy36

    i got all of the guys except for the grunt

  • SpartanGabriel087

    Great series, and Im glad we see a Sentinel return after all these years. Marine is great for army building, the grunt has a great purple, The green recon was another one of my favorites, not oly for the new weapon mold, but it turns out nice in person, Also the infected spartan is good to get alot of infected plasma swords. Last But not least, the Ultra Rare AC jackle. I was lucky to get 1, but the blue on the visor makes it look way better. Overall if you can find the series, try collect them all!

  • Fearingracer

    I really hope this starts popping up in my stores soon, I really like the grunt and recon spartan

  • Goldympls55

    I love how the marine looks, I’m going to try to collect and make a army of those marines.