Recon Getaway™

Recon Getaway™

  • Halo Infinite inspired UNSC Mongoose vehicle building set with rolling wheels that turn with the handlebars and room for 2 figures
  • 2-in-1 building toy: Choose to build the Mongoose or a scout speeder
  • 4 highly collectible micro action figures, 2 UNSC Marines, an Elite Mercenary, and a Grunt Conscript, with authentic detail, 12 points of articulation, display stands and interchangeable weapon accessories
  • Ideal for ages 8 and up, this building set features detailed authenticity to strengthen creative thinking skills
  • 123 bricks and pieces combine with all Mega Construx building sets and are compatible with other name brands
Product Description
Roll into combat – or make a daring getaway – on the UNSC Mongoose. Modeled after its appearance in Halo Infinite, this ATV features an upgraded steering system and room for 2 soldiers. Or choose to build a scout speeder to do a little recon by air. This construction set also includes 4 micro action figures that can be placed in the vehicle of your choice. Discover what lies ahead. 

Ideal for Probuilders, ages 8+

What’s in the box
  • 123 bricks and pieces
  • 4 micro action figures

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13 Reviews

  • Sierra117_of_blue_team

    This set is amazing! I got this set in target with a few other sets for a review and I am not disappointed. I would have gotten the warthog or chief and brute warrior but some one stole chief from the battle pack and the warthog was opened up. Target needs to do better.

  • CadFishy

    I bought two for army building purposes and love every bit of this set. The mongoose is really well made, the figures look great, and the classic Grunt Conscript and Elite Mercenary are awesome as well. So excited to get more army building sets and finally get my hands on that new pelican.

  • Charlesdunn433

    Nice set with very useful parts, love the armor and new helmets.

  • BeastMaster117

    I have finally been able to get my hands on this and man the build was quick but it was impressive to say the least. The marines look great and I can finally add to my growing number of banished to.

  • Quadee365

    I have seen a lot of hate for the new legs, but personally I love what Mega is doing here. Finally I can have my Halo Marines on a scale with my COD figures in a way that doesn't make the Marines look like stunted freaks. The new helmet and accessory system is amazing, as is the inclusion of older Elite armor. If the Marines keep going this way, and the armor gets a little less bulky in the SPARTANS to allow for greater articulation, I'll definitely start collecting Halo again.