UNSC Combat Unit

UNSC Combat Unit

  1. Halo Infinite inspired UNSC barricade building set with sandbag short wall, faction flag, and spinning turret
  2. 3 highly collectible micro action figures include Spartan MK VII and 2 UNSC Marines, with authentic detail, 12 points of articulation, display stands and interchangeable weapon accessories
  3. Ideal for ages 8 and up, this building set features detailed authenticity to strengthen creative thinking skills
  4. Bricks combine with all Mega Construx building sets and are compatible with other name brands
Product Description
Take the battle to the trenches with the UNSC. Build this combat unit’s barricade, including a sandbag short wall, faction flag, and spinning turret. This construction set also features 3 micro action figures to cover the perimeter, defend the position, or ready for an onslaught. Fight to the limit. 

Ideal for Probuilders, ages 8+

What’s in the box?
  • 3 micro action figures
  • 104 pieces

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4 Reviews

  • VisioN

    once again i agree with HALO-FAN1. Where's the 4th figure for this price? And 2 of the figures are identical just diffrent skin colors.

  • halo-fan1

    the pros: Love the marine figures and the color choice is not half bad and those weapons are great molds.
    the Cons: 4th figure? nope, the design of the parts within the set is basic and the projectile weapon is unnecessary.
    Honestly would have loved to have the 4th figure as the helmets being removable off the marines doesn't justify the other figure to be missing
    (especially for it to be the same price)

  • IceBoy929

    Great army builder GET A LOT

  • duckychicken5435

    GIMMIE!!! where do you find this?