Environmental initiatives

Let’s build a brighter tomorrow together

We’ve taken the first steps in building a kid-friendly planet by incorporating sustainable practices into our blocks, packaging and more.

Long-Lasting Building System

We pride ourselves on an integrated system of play. All of our building sets can be connected together; this means our toys are always compatible and never go out of date. By design, we’ve created long-lasting toys that can be passed down again and again.

Plant-Based Blocks

Plant-Based Blocks

All the blocks in our plant-based line are made of bio-based resins, with a minimum of 90% plant-based plastics – these building blocks are the most sustainable toys we’ve ever produced. They’re also compatible with the rest of our building sets and have the same quality for a seamless building experience with our other blocks.

Sustainable Packaging

We strive to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to our packaging:


85% of our packages are made from recyclable materials

Recycled materials

All packages and instruction manuals are made from FSC certified materials such as recycled and sustainably sourced materials


95% of packages and packaging components can be recycled again

Soy-based inks

Features soy-based inks and water-based lamination


The H2Recycle logo appears on all of our packages to educate on how to recycle our packages

Terracycle Partnership

We’ve partnered with Terracycle to make recycling our toys easy. Click here to find out how you can help us ensure that none of our toys end up in landfills!

Learn more at terracycle.com
TerraCycle® Partnership