Anti-Tank Gun

Anti-Tank Gun


Defend against tank fire with a battlefield classic!

Brave the bombardment and launch your own barrage! Made to take on armored vehicles, the Anti-Tank Gun was one of the most agile artillery pieces ever to hit European battlefields. Build your classic-themed field gun, with its big, bi-directional cannon and treaded rubber wheels. Then roll out with your soldier, ready to take out the toughest of targets!


  • Buildable classic-themed Anti-Tank Gun
  • Bi-directional cannon and treaded rubber wheels
  • One highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figure
  • Figure comes with detachable classic-themed armor and authentic accessories
  • Collect and combine with other Call of Duty® construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build the mission, and build beyond!

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10 Reviews

  • bytheway

    this set is preety cool got it from my birthday and connected it to the car. 5/5 star

  • Benne236

    Not that big of a fan of it i am hoping to find out how to create a realistic artillery pircce

  • Benne236

    It is ok I would have liked it to have a breach that opens and a couple shells that at least could sit next to it to make it look more realistic because unless you are the south Vietnamese army before the fall of Saigon you have shells to fire out of your artillery.

  • unsc_helljumpers

    This is a pretty cool small set to go along with the jeep. Wish it had a different weapon other than that sniper. But it does make up with the detail like the rank on his shoulder is a privat E-2 Technician ehich is pretty cool. I love how they put ranks on these soldiers and hope they keep doing it. Nice job!

    Buy this if you want to have a taste of the Mega's WW2 line. The gun itself has nice articulation as the barrel can move up and down. The detail on it goes to great levels and would look like something you would actually see on the battlefield. The figure is something new, The newly molded helmet is removable from the actual head which is a better system. A good thing about this set is that you can by many of these because they are so generic and affordable. Only one bad thing about it is the rifle mold, it feels incorrect as the scope is on backwards and doesn't look like a remake of an existing rifle. Other than the negatives, it is a good value for its number of pieces and fun to build.