UNSC Fireteam Shadow
  • UNSC Fireteam Shadow
  • UNSC Fireteam Shadow
  • UNSC Fireteam Shadow
  • UNSC Fireteam Shadow
  • UNSC Fireteam Shadow
  • UNSC Fireteam Shadow

UNSC Fireteam Shadow

Mount a stealth mission with a legendary UNSC tactical team! 

The elite Spartans of Fireteam Shadow report for duty! Skilled in special operations, this team of highly trained Spartans comes ready for an infiltration mission in the heart of enemy territory when you outfit them in stealth armor, each bearing their Fireteam’s emblem. Build the recon point, then gear up and deploy for a surprise strike with this illustrious Fireteam! 

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Four highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures include one Spartan Helioskrill, one Spartan Warmaster, One Spartan Operator, and one Spartan Argus
  • Figures come with uniquely decorated detachable armor
  • Buildable recon checkpoint with industrial equipment, Machine Gun, and crate
  • Weapons include Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle, M6D Pistol, Plasma Pistol, and Rocket Launcher
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx
  • Build your Halo universe, and build beyond!

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26 Reviews

  • FlexiDragon

    Defiantly one of the best battle packs Mega Construx has brought out. Love the Argus and Helioskrill figures, as well as the set. This set comes as one of a 2 part set the other set being the "Swords of sanghelios combat lance" Both are cool sets and if you can manage to find one i highly suggest picking it up

  • SergioAndres159

    Como los compro soy de Perú. Por favor diganme como los compro por que quiero tenerlos.

  • DaPperJay

    Love this metallic black color. No mixed up pieces in mine love the inclusion of an extra weapon. As well as (again) that terrain pics will be used in my next MOC it looks good right next to the one from the swords of sanghelios terrain piece.

  • Halo-DestinyLover227

    Definetly my favorite set out of most excited to have a war master but mine came with an argus back piece for the war master

  • ArtfulConch

    My Heloskrill came with the wrong torso, but the emblem is printed well on all the figures, the included weapons fit the color scheme.