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What's in your collection?

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Just got the Crash Site Battle in. All that's left are the weapon crates due for release in November. Current list is:

Single Figure Sets
1 x 2013 ComicCon Ghosts Call of Duty Figure
1 x 2014 SDCC Astronaut Figure
1 x 2015 SDCC Zombie Figure
1 x 2016 SDCC Advanced Soldier Figure
7 x Captain Reyes GameStop Promotional Figure (six were on clearance)
1 x Frank Woods
2 x John Price (One for Parts)
1 x Combat Diver
1 x Arctic Sniper
1 x Jet Pilot
1 x Mine Specialist
2 x Yuri
1 x John "Soap" MacTavish
1 x Hazmat Tech
1 x Fighter Ace
2 x Combat Medic
3 x Specialist "Outrider" (Two for Parts)
1 x Incendiary Soldier
1 x Keegan P. Russ
2 x Specialist "Battery" (One for Grenade Launcher)
1 x Specialist "Spectre"
1 x Desert Sniper
3 x Vladimir Makarov (Two for Parts)
1 x Torque
2 x Recon
2 x Captain Pelayo
1 x WWII Resistance Fighter
1 x Jungle Infantry
1 x Arctic Ranger
1 x Ruin
1 x Gideon
1 x Diego Necalli
1 x General Davis
1 x Simon "Ghost" Riley
1 x Shadow Company Soldier
1 x Series 6 Logan Walker
1 x Series 6 Captain Price
1 x Series 6 John "Soap" MacTavish
1 x Series 6 Lieutenant General Shepherd
1 x Series 6 Frank Woods
2 x Juggernaut
2 x Ghillie Suit Sniper
1 x Brutus
2 x SEAL Specialist
2 x Advanced Enforcer
2 x Jetpack Fighter
3 x Mountain Recon
1 x Snowmobile Recon
1 x Snowmobile Scout
1 x ATV Raid
2 x Drone Attack
1 x UGV Drone
1 x Assault Drone
2 x Dragonfire Drone Strike
2 x Desert Outpost
1 x Recon Outpost
2 x Ghosts Rappel Fighter
1 x Jungle Paratrooper
1 x SAM Turret
1 x Rocket Turret
2 x Motorbike Breakout
2 x Legends: Sidecar Pursuit
1 x Legends: Motorbike Raid
1 x Anti-Tank Gun
1 x Hoverbike Raid
1 x Vulture Attack
1 x Horseback Assault
1 x Solo Mercenary Armory
1 x Arctic Armory
1 x WWII Weapon Crate
1 x Assault Weapon Crate
2 x Sniper Weapon Crate
2 x Close Quarters Weapon Crate
2 x Firebreak Weapons Crate
1 x Desert Weapons Crate
2 x Navy Weapons Crate
2 x Armored Division Weapons Crate
2 x Desert Mission Weapons Crate

3 x Zombie Horde (One used for parts to make Fallout ghouls out of some SEALs, a Mountain Recon, a Drone Attack, and a Desert Outpost figures)
3 x Zombie Outbreak (One used for Fallout ghouls)
2 x Hazmat Zombies Mob (One 6 figure, one 4 figure)
2 x Zombies Moon Mob
1 x Zombies Office Mob

Figure Packs
2 x Jungle Troopers (One for parts)
1 x Desert Troopers
2 x Alpine Rangers (One for parts)
2 x Seal Team (One for parts)
2 x Sniper Unit (One for parts)
1 x Platoon Patrol
1 x Legends: Infantry Battalion
1 x Classic Infantry Pack
1 x Flamethrower Shock Troops
3 x Icarus Troopers (One five pack, two four packs)
1 x Covert Ops Unit
2 x Desert Squad (One for parts)
2 x Atlas Troopers (One for parts)
1 x Advanced Troopers
1 x Jungle Rangers
1 x Arctic Troopers
1 x Legacy Heroes
1 x Special Ops Task Force
2 x Modern Infantry Armory
2 x Mercenary Outpost Armory
2 x Arctic Recon Armory
2 x Jungle SATCOM Armory
1 x WWII Armory Shipment
1 x Night Ops Blackout Squad
2 x Surface Troops
1 x Urban Strike Squad
2 x Desert Air Defenders
1 x Legends: Allied Soldiers
1 x Legends: Winter Heroes
1 x Enemy Soldiers
1 x Black Ops 4 Troop Pack
1 x Desert Snipers Vs. Mercenaries
1 x Special Forces vs Submariners
1 x Special Ops vs Jungle Mercenaries
1 x WWII Battle Pack
1 x Tactical Infiltration Team
1 x Battle Royale Air Drop
1 x Warzone Squad

Larger Sets
1 x CLAW Assault
2 x RIB Beach Assault
1 x RIB Coastal Attack
1 x Riverboat Raid
1 x Coastal Intercept
1 x SEAL Sub Recon
1 x Wraith Attack
1 x ATV Ground Recon
1 x Light Armor Firebase
1 x Arctic Invasion
2 x Armored Vehicle Charge (one modified to be civilian)
1 x Heavy Tactical Cargo Truck
2 x Heavy Armor Outpost
1 x Desert Tank
1 x Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
1 x Turret Attack
1 x Half Track Ambush
1 x Landing Craft Invasion
1 x Legends: Battle Tank
1 x Legends: Air Strike Ace
1 x WWII Fighter Strike
1 x Infantry Scout Car
2 x Legends: Checkpoint Charge
1 x Beach Invasion
1 x Chopper Strike
1 x Ghosts Tactical Helicopter
1 x Anti Armor Helicopter
1 x Urban Assault Copter
1 x Special Ops Copter
1 x Strike Fighter
1 x ODIN Space Strike
1 x APC Invasion
1 x Dome Battleground
1 x Nuketown
1 x Nuketown II
1 x Zombies Nuketown
1 x Zombie TranZit Farm
1 x Zombie TranZit Diner
1 x Mob of the Dead
1 x Mobile Atlas Turret
1 x Combat Vehicle Attack
1 x Crash Site Battle
1 x Hovercraft

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All of 'em except:
Crash site Battle
Hazmat crate
Ww2 winter crate
Upcoming armory/outposts crates
Special Ops Task Force
Advanced Soldiers
Specialist series 1 Capt Price
Specialist series 1 Jet Pilot
Reyes single
Zombies Office Mob
RIB Coastal
Spec Ops Blackout Squad
Some of the dud cheaped-out sets like the Covert Ops 3-man, Hazmat Zombies
And have a bunch of duplicates, some NIB!

Think that's it!

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Got the new Hazmat Crate and the WWII Winter Crate in.

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