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Bluesman49 wrote:
Mon Jun 15, 2020 4:36 pm
COD Heroes Series 7:
1. Raul Menendez
2. Alex Mason
3. Mike Harper
4. Nikita Dragovich
5. Gaz(MW 1)

COD Heroes Series 8:
1. Sgt. Griggs (MW1)
2. Viktor Reznov
3. Kravchenko
4. Sandman
5. Rorke

COD Heroes Series 9:
1. David Mason
2. Jason Hudson
3. Merrick
4. Imran Zakhaev(Maybe give us the version where he still has his arm.)
5. Irons

Maybe start a new line called COD Soldiers, so we can have main characters in the COD Heroes line.

COD Soldiers Series 1:
1: Shadow Collective Soldier
2: U.S Marine(Black Ops 2)
3: SDC Soldier(Black ops 2)
4: Freedom Fighter(MW 2019)
5:Ultranationalist Soldier (MW 1)
For the COD Soldiers, will they come with multiple heads to make the different versions of them?

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This is an in depth look at my ideas
MW1 vehicles

BMP IFV would have 1 driver,1 ultranationalist rebel, and,1 russian loyalist.
T-72 would have 1 driver,1 Al-Asad trooper and 1 marine.
russian jeep would have Zakhaev's son and 2 ultranationalist rebels

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MW1 helicopters

MI-24 with Zakhaev, 1 pilot , 1 Ultranationalist rebel.

Black-hawk with 1 pilot, 1 marine and LT. Vazquez.

AH-1 Cobra with 1 marine,1 Al-Asad trooper and Capt. Pelayo.

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MW1 buildings

Russian village building with 2 ultranationalist rebels, 1 Russian loyalist, and Sgt. Kamarov

Mid east TV station with 1 marine, 1 Al-Asad trooper and Sgt. Griggs.

Russian missile base part 1 with Gaz, 1 ultranationalist rebel, and 1 marine.

Russian missile base part 2 with 1 SAS 1 ultranationalist rebel and 1 marine.

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MW2 vehicles

BTR APC with 1 driver and 2 Russian paratroopers

Humvee with Cpl. Dunn and 2 rangers

Striker IAV with Sgt. Foley 1 driver and 1 ranger.

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Maybe I think they should do a MW(2019) set with the new characters like Alex, Gaz, Farrah, Price and the CIA lady. Maybe introduce new SMGs and a AK74u ???

Second could be another Set for MW(2019) with marines vs Al-Qatal soliders with new civilian clothing for the AQ soliders and new camo for the Marines

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A gulag battle scene would be an obvious starting point if MCX is planning on capitalizing on CoD's recent success (and isn't dropping the line entirely). 500-600 pieces for the scenery, include 2-4 of the new operators from MW and a loadout crate full of weapons and supplies. C'mon Mega, utilize your license a little here.

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Given that Gulags in real life were inhumane labour camps where hundreds of prisoners died in horrific conditions, Mega is probably wise to avoid using the term.

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NatoGreavesy wrote:
Wed Jul 15, 2020 9:04 pm
Given that Gulags in real life were inhumane labour camps where hundreds of prisoners died in horrific conditions, Mega is probably wise to avoid using the term.
That's easily avoided by not using the term gulag in the name of the set, much like the Axis Troopers set. Considering MW's use of the term has zero actual connection to the real-world Glavnoe Upravlenie LAGerei, I don't think that would be a difficult thing to swing. Give it a generic title and you're good to go. Given the popularity of Warzone at the moment, I believe creating a set out of such an iconic setting (the prison shower arena of the aforementioned game, not the real-world prison camps) would give a huge boost to the CoD line.

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They should make MW1,MW2,and MW(2019) sets. I'd buy every set I find!

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