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Breakout Beasts Series 3

Breakout Beasts Series 3

$ 9.99 USD (MSRP)

It’s slime time when you unleash the Breakout Beasts!It’s slime time when you unleash the Breakout Beasts!

Unleash the beast! Break open 1 of 9 mystery eggs to discover a slime surprise, then dig out all the pieces to build your beast! But which will it be? With 9 cool creatures to build, and 4 colors of slime to collect – including all new gold slime – the combinations you create will be wild! You can collect them all, including dragons, griffins, stallions and winged-stallions, sold separately. Then, mix and match beasts to create your very own Breakout Beasts! Each sold separately. Colors and details may vary.

Ideal for ages 5 and up

  • Series of 9 buildable beasts, each packaged in a mystery, slime-filled egg
  • Open the egg to unleash a slime surprise and reveal the pieces to build your beast
  • Each beast has its own unique look and comes with orange, blue, green or all-new gold slime
  • Buildable beasts include Goldengrowl™, Skyscorch™, Charcolt™, Sleetstorm™, Clawshock™, Fangrene™, Freezer™, Blazore™, and Rivenbeak™, sold separately
  • Egg has prongs inside and out and includes a display rod to create beastly action poses
  • Use the egg to store your slime for later
  • Collect them all and mix and match pieces to create your own custom beasts
  • Combine with other construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Breakout Beasts, and Build Beyond™! 

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4 Reviews

  • Chaotic

    I like all the breakout beasts series. And it looks like series 4 is going to be great. Beasts I would to see in future lines would be a bat, ghoul, and a hydra.

  • K9girl90

    BREAKOUT BEASTS ARE SO COOL!!! I cannot say it enough! I love them so much! I love the addition of the unicorn/pegasus model to the line-up! The only downside is that the slime for series 3 is really sticky and difficult to remove. Nevertheless, I have and will continue to recommend these guys!

  • Orlando-master1

    I love the Series 1,2,&3 Brakeout best they are very cool and interchangeable I hope to see a skull horse or alien beast soon just missing 2 from series 1 and 1 from series 2 just got my first 2 from series 3 very cool

  • robinepps

    My son is OBSESSED! He loves all three series, but the Wave 3 is his favorite. I got the Collector's set of the Wave 3 series on Amazon, which saved me money because we got the full 9-piece set in one shot! I was able to get the full Wave 2 set on Amazon too. My son is so proud of his collection and is the envy of his friends!!