John “Soap” MacTavish

John “Soap” MacTavish

$ 4.99 USD (MSRP)

A hero of the modern battlefield comes to life with “Soap”!

Special forces soldier, sniper and demo expert Captain John “Soap” MacTavish comes to life with this highly collectible figure based on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fan favorite. Packed with premium printed detail, the deluxe micro action figure features MacTavish’s signature Mohawk and war paint and comes packed with an authentic shotgun accessory.


  • Highly collectible, super-poseable John “Soap” MacTavish micro action figure
  • Premium printed detail for deluxe display
  • Figure comes with detachable armor, accessories, and authentic shotgun
  • Collect and combine with other Call of Duty® construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build the mission, and Build Beyond™!

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7 Reviews

  • dainsakine333

    How to forget that old and epic legend john soap mactavish even true captain / protagonist and one very well remembered in my heart ...

  • Taymont

    I think that this is just a small start to a new era of call of duty mega blocks so I'm hoping that they come up with new a different characters and new guns with more customization options

  • malinchat

    Pas facile de trouver ce set en france ,e**ay achat un peu plus cher!!

  • AiasOileus

    I bought "Soap" with the intent to use the parts for customs (making some Purple Dragon members, that being the gang from TMNT), but there was one problem, he was just too cool as he was. I love all of the detail, the dirt or rust on the knife, the shotgun and rubber strap for it, the kneepad, the mohawk (although the paint was a bit off in the back, but not a big deal) and overall the color scheme of the figure. I still might use him to be a Purple Dragon member, with no changes. I might buy another, and use those parts for customs.

  • ccbrowning5

    I think Soap is a great figure and makes for a great set! Love the Black and Gray colors and camo legs. The shotgun is beautifully designed! The color scheme is wonderful. I love the knee pad which is a great new addition. I have no problems with this figure. Overall, 5 Stars