Legends: Allied Soldiers
  • Legends: Allied Soldiers
  • Legends: Allied Soldiers
  • Legends: Allied Soldiers
  • Legends: Allied Soldiers
  • Legends: Allied Soldiers
  • Legends: Allied Soldiers
  • Legends: Allied Soldiers

Legends: Allied Soldiers

$ 14.99 USD (MSRP)

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Celebrate a historic alliance with a team of brave British soldiers!

Call in the support of allied forces when you relive a legacy of heroism with this pack of 4 WWII-themed British soldiers! Each highly detailed micro action figure comes outfitted for the battlefield in authentic uniforms featuring full historical detail. Gear your soldiers using the included weapons, then prepare to fire when you take aim with the authentic, rotating Vickers machine gun!


  • 4 highly detailed, super-poseable WWII-themed soldier micro action figures
  • Figures come with detachable armor and authentic weapons
  • Buildable rotating, mounted machine gun
  • Collect and combine with other Call of Duty® construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build the mission, and Build Beyond™!

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10 Reviews

  • willshard

    ARGH! The British are coming!

    So pleased to own this, had to have it come from America, why wasn't this sold in the UK? :/

    Excellent pocket pieces, helmets, sten guns, bren guns and a Vickers!
    Great to finally see British troops, Im from the UK and its a pleasure to own these.

    Would love to buy more, but sadly cannot, postage is crazy from USA to Uk. :(

    I could spend £100 easily on ten of these

    (imagine that, 40mbritish troops, 10 Vickers and ten bush pieces, mind blowing!!)

    only problem, really? just a bush? we used to get sandbag walls, bombed out rubble and weapon racks... more than a bush..

    four hundred and twenty out of ten.

  • NaughtyDanny

    Nice figures, nice weapons, nice items. Even the gun its beautifull, fragile but well done. But as the others 3 news, I miss more parts, terrain pieces, etc. Mega dont be Cheap!!!

  • riely

    nice to see that mega is trying but.. what country is this sold in? id like to get 4 of them but. i got no clue where its sold

  • smalldragon

    I very happy to see this set. please make british and german and vietnam and russian and ..... more for call of duty and halo and tmnt and probuilder and marvel and ........ and make mega construx man and boy and girl and woman. but I want to make city not war. and war. 5 stars! and 5 stars!

  • bdostal12

    loving the WW2 sets can we get some axis sets too? Because that would just wrap it up in a pretty bow