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Legends: Battle Tank
  • Legends: Battle Tank
  • Legends: Battle Tank
  • Legends: Battle Tank
  • Legends: Battle Tank
  • Legends: Battle Tank
  • Legends: Battle Tank
  • Legends: Battle Tank

Legends: Battle Tank

$ 54.99 USD (MSRP)


Build the Call of Duty® Legends Battle Tank collector construction set by Mega Bloks.

Prepare to meet heavy fire with ironclad defenses! Heavily armored and loaded with powerful weaponry, the Battle Tank is an original among mobile weapons platforms, capable of dealing out devastation in front-line combat. Inspired by the classic WWII-era vehicle, this buildable tank features a camo finish, working wheels with rubber treads, a front-mounted machine gun, and a rotating pivot cannon. Build the tank, setting it among the battle-torn ruins, and unpack the storage crate and accessories loaded on the back to create a campsite for your unit, complete with a real fabric tent. Then, use the interchangeable weapons and accessories to gear your super-poseable micro action figures for action. 


  • Buildable Battle Tank with rubber treads, machine gun, rotating pivot cannon, and a crate, tent and accessories for creating a campsite
  • Includes small environment build of battle-damaged ruins
  • Three highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures with interchangeable weapons and accessories for customization
  • Collect and combine with other Mega Bloks Call of Duty sets and build the mission!

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10 Reviews

  • K98Kurtz

    is there a way to buy the tracks for this tank because the other ones broke but it is pretty cool thought

  • Trenton09

    The treads on one side broke but I super glued it but other than that a really good set

  • kademan88

    Good set love the figures.... but the treads broke on one side and cant really fix it. but other than that great set love to see more like this.

  • brickvillage

    I Love the design. I would have given 5 stars but the treads broke. I got replacement treads, but the replacements split just from sitting on the shelf assembled for a few days. All breaks occurred where the tracks were rounded/creased from new. If the treads were packed/stored/shipped in a circular position rather than stretched out flat over a piece of cardboard they might cave a chance of surviving.

  • Baztor

    I just love this set so much, I bought 3 of them just to play with my son and we assemble the 3 of them together, BUT all of the rubber track broke Just standing on the shelf, my son was so sad. please improve the quality of the rubber or at least Suggest some replacement.