Crystal Creatures™ Series 1

Crystal Creatures™ Series 1

$ 9.99 USD (MSRP)


  • Series of 5 buildable creatures, each packaged in a slime-filled crystal case
  • Open the crystal to unveil a slime surprise and reveal the pieces to build your creature!
  • Collectable creatures include Frostwhite™, Aquagem™, Nightsky™, Rosestone™ and Rubywing™, sold separately
  • Each creature has its own unique look and comes with metallic gold, metallic silver or sparkly purple slime
  • Case has prongs and includes a display rod to create elegant poses
  • Use the crystal case to store your slime for later
  • Collect different animals to mix and match accessories and create your own dazzling custom creatures
  • Combine with other construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Crystal Creatures™, and Build Beyond™!

Get ready for a slime surprise when you discover the Crystal Creatures™!

Sparkles and slime! Open 1 of 5 shimmering crystals to reveal a glitter slime surprise, then gather all the pieces to build your very own creature! Which new friend will you discover? With 5 fantastical creatures to collect – including dazzling does and enchanted unicorns – and 3 colors of slime to find, the stylish combinations you create will be mesmerizing! With Frostwhite™, Aquagem™, Nightsky™, Rubywing™ and Rosestone™ to set free, you can mix and match accessories to create your very own personalized creatures!

Ideal for ages 5 and up

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8 Reviews

  • master93

    At least this are authentic creatures with authentic names, what the hell was that of having names as Vile and Torchwing repeating one time and other and another no sense

  • Drone375

    The slime quality is great! The monsters are beautiful! Such a great toy, fun to build, fun to play with. Suitable for girls and boys. Goes well with MOTU He-man series as well.

  • RalinaDiane

    Love collecting them for my son and I..I get crystal creatures he gets breakout beasts💜

  • K9girl90

    I cannot express how much I love these toys! The slime is a bit of a pain to remove (it is way stickier than Breakout Beast series 1 & 2 slime) but the creatures are absolutely worth it! The interchangeable parts make for endless customizing fun! I love mixing the Creatures and Beasts with the baby dragons from Game of Thrones. I've recommended Crystal Creatures to so many people. They are some of the coolest products Mattel has ever made!

  • Citcat

    It was nice to put together but a pain to get the slime out of the small areas of the toys I'm not a fan of slime so it was gross for me to have to do that, it be nice if it was already separated. Other then that it was great