Avalon Courser Sparrow

Avalon Courser Sparrow

$ 14.99 USD (MSRP)


Race toward adventure with the Avalon Courser Sparrow! Build this legendary racer inspired by Destiny 2, and sit your Warlock at the controls, preparing for the fight with authentic weapons and armor. Then, strike against the enemy when you pose your Sparrow in flight on its transparent, buildable display stand. The Guardian and enemy micro action figures come with detailed weapons and accessories.

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Buildable Avalon Courser Sparrow with flaming exhaust detail
  • 2 highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures include 1 Warlock and 1 enemy
  • Includes transparent Sparrow display stand
  • Guardian comes with detachable armor, authentic weapon and Ghost accessory
  • Choose from a range of theme-specific Sparrows, sold separately
  • Collect and combine with other Destiny construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your legend™, and Build Beyond™!

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7 Reviews

  • vsg001

    Got a great deal on this set on Amazon. For 5.99$ USD not much i can complain about. I got it mainly for parts and because the war beast is a really cool creature. It could easily be customized to look like a skag from Borderlands or some other four legged creature from Dead Space or Flood from Halo. Lots of potential for creativity with this set. The figure is nice as all Destiny ones typically are, but I can't comment to its accuracy since i'm not very big on Destiny. The sparrow is pretty neat but I get the feeling that if you have another racing one there won't be much difference in build other than color scheme.

  • ShooterEmpire05

    i think this set deserves the 5 stars i give it. The armor is very well detailed and has a great look overall. I do wish it came with another war beast though. I kind of think its a little dumb to have just one low life melee troop such as that in a set. If you plan on customizing the warlock just know that some shoulder pieces aren't too compatible with the torso piece (it stops some movement in the arms. other than that I think it's solid set especially with a female guardian. Maybe mega construx could add a female titan on top of the female hunters and warlocks they have already made. This set still deserves a solid 5 stars. great job mega construx.

  • coolswagjag1

    this is a really great set if you want your collection to look lit. when i saw this in store, i saw a lot of detail in the guy and the alien. the warlock has a very unique helmet and design. the Warbeast's scales are detailed and his armor is cool to. the speeder is just another sparrow. the design is kind of cool but not the best speeder. I also like the new auto-rifle skin

  • Helioskrill55

    I must note that it was the only 2018 set for destiny where I am, so I hope to see more sets soon, I got it yesterday and I loved it. I must note the set was missing a piece, but it doesn’t really affect the build, all it is is just one black 1x1. I was a big fan of the figure and noted that maybe there should be a set with the titan, hunter, and warlock from destiny 2 with there own ghosts, not just the plain white ones. Overall this is a great set and hope to see more like this In the future.

  • tony-112

    Se ve bastante genial y me gusta que fabriquen más moldes de otras armaduras más variedad de armas colibrís villanos guardianes entre otros, está bastante bien