EV-37 Racing Sparrow

EV-37 Racing Sparrow

$ 15.99 USD (MSRP)


Race to defeat the enemy from the controls of a legendary Voidstreak sparrow!

Legend takes wing! In the seat of this iconic Voidstreak Sparrow, a staunch Titan and his Ghost rush to meet a Cabal Bone Crusher in battle. Build this legendary vehicle, and sit your Guardian at the controls with his exotic Invective Shotgun in hand. Then wield the Void with the Titan’s strength in a dauntless strike against the enemy Phalanx!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Buildable EV-37 Voidstreak racing Sparrow 
  • Two highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures include one Titan and one enemy Phalanx 
  • Titan accessories include Invective shotgun, Helm of Saint-14, detachable Holdfast armor, and Ghost
  • Colossus accessories include detachable armor, weapon, and shield
  • Sparrow comes with transparent vehicle display stand
  • Collect and combine with other Destiny® construction sets by Mega Construx™ 
  • Build your legend, and build beyond!

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16 Reviews

  • vsg001

    Starting to get a little tired of the poor quality control amongst the lines. Following a recent Ark blind bag that was an elite with two left legs, the set I got has two left side printed extension pieces in the front of the sparrow. The set was also missing the ghost shell piece. I'm not particularly fond of destiny and mostly get the sets for parts. But I wanted to let you guys know that when you're going out there to grab one of these sets, there is an increased chance of missing or deformed pieces in it. Going through parts replacement process is a hit and miss process and there is no communication between reps and consumers. They just send you a pack in the mail and hopefully it contains the right pieces. I never got a replacement elite. MC did send me a new blind bag but it had a brute inside that I already owned... Not satisfying... I really want this company to succeed and it's really frustrating to go through these experiences. Makes you second guess every purchase big or small.

  • Nilbog

    The sparrow sets are ok, but we need a way to get enemies without having to buy multiple sets that come with a Sparrow and a guardian. We need troop packs!!!

    Fallen troop pack: 2 Dregs, Vandal, and a small buildable Servitor.

    Hive troop pack: 2 Acolytes, Knight, and a Wizard.

    Taken troop pack: Thrall, Goblin, Captain, and a Cabal.

    Red Legion troop pack: 2 Warbeast, Psion, and a Cabal.

    Vex troop pack: Fanatic, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Minotaur.


    This is my favorite sparrow set, I have no complaints and that is by far my favorite Titan!

  • AnotherNITC

    Fun set, love the cabal Phalanx. Purchased 2!

  • Magiccarlos2910

    Just because of this awesome Titan I decided to get it and boy I was not disappointed! This is probably my favorite Titan Figure so far!