EV-41 Racing Sparrow
  • EV-41 Racing Sparrow
  • EV-41 Racing Sparrow
  • EV-41 Racing Sparrow
  • EV-41 Racing Sparrow
  • EV-41 Racing Sparrow

EV-41 Racing Sparrow

$ 15.99 USD (MSRP)

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Race to defeat the enemy from the seat of a legendary Momentum Master Sparrow!

Legend takes wing! At the controls of this iconic Momentum Master Sparrow, a Warlock darts toward a Cabal Colossus, ready to unleash his mystic power. Build this iconic vehicle, and sit your Guardian in the driver’s seat with his legendary Hung Jury SR4 scout rifle in hand. With your Ghost companion at your side, pit your Warlock’s arcane gifts against a champion of the Cabal Bone Crushers!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Buildable EV-41 Momentum Master Sparrow 
  • Two highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures include one Warlock and one enemy Colossus 
  • Warlock accessories include Hung Jury SR4, detachable armor in Revenant shader, and Ghost
  • Colossus accessories include detachable armor and weapon
  • Sparrow comes with transparent vehicle display stand
  • Collect and combine with other Destiny® construction sets by Mega Construx™ 
  • Build your legend, and build beyond!

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9 Reviews

  • tony-112

    Está bastante bien y se ven bastante genial todos los personajes aunque el coloso no está a escala pero pues esta bien dentro de todo, pero algo que si no está bien es que es le sale la pieza de donde apoya los pies el guardián y se la tuve que pegar con Silicon espero que lo resuelvan en futuros colibrís y también estaría bien un paquete de tropas como han dicho anteriormente

  • Nilbog

    The sparrow sets are ok, but we need a way to get enemies without having to buy multiple sets that come with a Sparrow and a guardian. We need troop packs!!!

    Fallen troop pack: 2 Dregs, Vandal, and a small buildable Servitor.

    Hive troop pack: 2 Acolytes, Knight, and a Wizard.

    Taken troop pack: Thrall, Goblin, Captain, and a Cabal.

    Red Legion troop pack: 2 Warbeast, Psion, and a Cabal.

    Vex troop pack: Fanatic, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Minotaur.

  • spunky03

    AWESOME!!! Easy to build the Colossus is awesome. One piece keeps falling off but other than that it is awesome. Warlock is also really cool.


    Great other than what everyone else says, the colossus is way too small!

  • bassfu

    I'm not much of a Destiny fan or very familiar with the vehicles or characters, I mostly wanted something to sit on my desk. I found this for $15 on Amazon and thought it looked pretty good.

    This set is quick and simple to build and finished within 20 minutes. My biggest complaint is with the Colossus. The instructions for his backpack don't make sense, piece AM18549AFE seems to be hanging onto nothing. My second gripe is AM77573RH is too big to attach properly on his back and would need to be sanded down. I couldn't be bothered so I built the backpack upside down and glued the "floating" piece on top, for something that just sits on my desk I'm not too concerned but these sort of things should have been discovered in quality assurance.