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Drogon & Daenerys

Drogon & Daenerys

$ 69.99 USD (MSRP)

Winter is here. Build a blazing attack with the powerful duo of Daenerys and Drogon! Dracarys!

Lead the Dothraki army into battle on Daenerys’ largest, and most vicious companion, Drogon. Fend off the Lannisters and turn the tide to claim victory on a truly devastating beast. At 20-inches long, and with a wingspan measuring 2-feet, this buildable black and red dragon is mammoth. Drogon defines the Dragon Queen; her mount is a key asset for the Targaryens to reclaim the Iron Throne. Build Drogon, then bend your knee!

Ideal for ages 14 and up

  • Buildable, black and red-scaled Drogon, with super-poseable legs, tail, head and extendable fabric wings
  • Drogon’s body measures 20-inches long
  • Drogon’s wingspan is 2-feet wide
  • Highly detailed, super-poseable 2.5-inch Daenerys Targaryen micro action figure
  • Daenerys comes equipped with Season 7 battle attire featuring dragon chain
  • Figure comes with authentic weapons and accessories
  • Collect and combine with other construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Game of Thrones, and Build Beyond™!

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4 Reviews

  • decozam101

    honestly one of the best build definitely hope they come out with the undead dragon with ice king!!

  • chrisrhafer

    I really love how smooth and fluid the dragon looks. I also like the size. Unless you look at it closely it looks more like a statue than a brick set. I hope more dragons come out soon from other lines. D&D, Magic, Yugioh, etc. But I really want either a tiamat from D&D or king ghidora as long as it was done in a similar quality.

  • ThanDrake

    The build for this was really satisfying. and the size of dragon was really impressive. he now sits atop my Castle Grayskull looking intimidating!! hope to see more from like this. perhaps the undead dragon?

  • lucario117

    Yo no conozco la serie pero en mi opinión el Sets es épico en mi opinión y es casi un tipo de signatura seríe de halo pero ahora es un mega dragón