Ice Viserion Showdown

Ice Viserion Showdown

$ 49.99 USD (MSRP)

  • Large, icy blue Viserion building set, with highly articulated legs, tail, custom head piece and extendable fabric wings, as he appears in HBO’s record-setting TV series, Game of Thrones®
  • Fully extended, Viserion’s wingspan measures an impressive 28-inches across
  • Authentically designed Jon Snow micro action figure with 12 points of articulation and sword accessory that can be mounted on Viserion
  • Bricks combine with all Game of Thrones building sets, including the Battle of Winterfell set to create the full battle, as well as Mega Construx building toys, and are compatible with major brands 
  • Ideal for ages 16 and up, this set is designed for collectors, experienced builders and fans, offering an authentically faithful building experience
Confront Jon Snow with a 501-piece undead Viserion construction set. Build the most memorable face-off from the Battle of Winterfell, complete with the highly articulated Viserion, whose outstretched fabric wings measure 28-inches across, and who can be posed in countless ways. Place the detailed Jon Snow micro action figure in the shadow of the undead Viserion to test his bravery.

Ideal for Mega Construx Black Series collectors, ages 16 and up

What’s in the box:
  • 501 pieces
  • 1 micro action figure
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4 Reviews

  • FangLycan

    I have been having a bit of a dificulty finding this guy online but I won't stop till I have him. In terms of show accuracy due to it being smaller I guess you can't do the 4 frills like with Drogon but I think the tail should have been a bit longer, his horns should be pointing towards eachother and he only has 5 fingers instead of 6. I still love him tho and I can't wait to finally get him. I also can't wait for my green boy Rhaegal to get his own big figure and it would be cool if as an accessory you can change his left wing with one that is damaged like it was after the Long Night.

  • Kylo_Ren99

    Already pre-ordered this set. I am extremely excited to build it and display it along side Drogon. Looking forward to the build itself, highly enjoyed the construction of Drogon and know I will love Viserion just as much. Are we prepping for a Rhaegal next? Can't wait to find out

  • TechnoAgent3

    A bit smaller than Drogon, but highly detailed. size-wise, color-wise, highly playable, anyway a set I definitely need.

  • Dragonb

    I don’t even have this set yet, (I just bought the Denarius & Drogon set) and I’m already excited for a possible Reghal set to come!(?) that would be so awsome having all 3 dragons! Maybe even a recolor to Viseron, before he was zombified by the Ice King. I know that’s a lot to ask of lol but just wishful thinking at the end of the day :3. Can’t waite to finally get to building! Just the perfect figure I’ve been waiting to stumble across! And it’s GOT!! 😭❤️