Brute Chieftain Charge
  • Brute Chieftain Charge
  • Brute Chieftain Charge
  • Brute Chieftain Charge

Brute Chieftain Charge

$ 11.99 USD (MSRP)

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Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo Brute Chieftain Charge by Mega Bloks! Wielding a mighty Gravity Hammer, the Brute Chieftain fearlessly leads the Covenant into battle on a modified Brute Chopper. With twin pairs of 35mm Autocannons, huge front driving Wheel and ramming Targe, the Chopper is a dangerous assault vehicle.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable custom Brute Chopper
  • Covenant Brute Chieftain
  • Covenant weapon: Gravity hammer

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17 Reviews

  • RealPurple

    WOW I love this set! it made me *sploooge* all ova the place! I had to retract a star because I made a BIIIIIG mess pee yew. I would love to get this set again as it made me go *KAPLOOIE* if you know what i mean! haha good set!

  • charliebucket

    Pros: AWESOME figure, well made vehicle and surprise spiker is nice

    Cons: a lot of instant parts were used for such a small set.

    all in all: a good all rounder for your covenant army! The figure is worth the price of the set on the online market so a good one to invest in!

  • drakospitfire

    One of the greatest figures.

  • CreepiestBat452

    It was an amazing set, my only problem is that sometimes the grav hammer falls out of my Spartans hand but it works fine now.
    Still one of the best sets so far.

  • boss_snikrot

    epic set