$ 4.99 USD (MSRP)

Build the perfect partnership with an AI that can’t be replaced, Cortana!

Unleash Cortana: the ultimate digital mind! This super-poseable figure has been upgraded with authentic color scheme from the original Halo: Combat Evolved, Guilty Spark, Halo Activation Index, Data Chip and brick stand with rod mount for deluxe display. Choose the perfect partner, or collect all 10 figures in this 10-year anniversary series to make a legendary display that’s been 10 years in the making!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Highly collectible, super-poseable micro Cortana micro action figure
  • Premium printed armor detail and brick stand with rod mount for deluxe display
  • Buildable figure comes with Halo Activation Index, Data Chip and 10th Anniversary golden Guilty Spark
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Halo universe, and Build Beyond™!

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6 Reviews

  • SandGuardian5

    I like it lat very mush

  • Hakuru15

    Definitely one of the best looking Cortana's that's been released out today! I love that you guys paid homage to her original color, and the fact that she comes with not just 343 guilty spark but also the Halo Index? That's amazing! This goes really well next with Captain Keyes and Masterchief

  • Magnus913

    Honestly, Id love more eye socket colors for 343 to create the other monitors. Cortana data trail detailing is absolutely amazing.

  • Switchback_5175

    I really like this figure, especially since it comes with a guilty spark! I did not have a chance to get the blue cortana, so when i saw this at Target (which is extremely rare, since I can't find anything Mega that's new these days), I did a little fist pump. I really like how it also comes with the sacred icon and the other data pad as well, since I lack some of those too. My only minor complaint about this figure is that the stand seems a little downgraded compared to the rest, and the eyes are painted on a little oddly. Guilty spark was an awesome addition!

  • Acehalonerd1128

    Really like this combat evolved Cortana and the guilty spark and the accessories are a nice touch.