Covenant Combat Unit

Covenant Combat Unit

$ 9.99 USD (MSRP)


Build and replenish your armies with the Halo Covenant Combat Unit 4 from Mega Bloks! The Covenant Pack expansion includes four fully articulated mini-figures of key Covenant warriors with matching weapons. Deploy and show the galaxy the absolute power of the Covenant!

Stage epic battles or pose your soldiers on new display blocks now featured with every combat unit! Choose your side, build your army and display them in victory!

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Build, Play and Display with 19 pieces
  • One Elite
  • One Grunt
  • Two Brute
  • Special ''bleacher'' blocks to display your mini-figs!
  • 4 weapons; Plasma Sword, Brute Shot, Spiker and Plasma Pistol

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3 Reviews

  • Juggernauts

    A great Figure Pack at the time with a decent amount of variation. The old molds of Elites didn't have any places to put backpacks on, but how often do you see an Elite wearing a backpack in the halo (wars) games anyway? The Brutes aren't too special to me, but I do very much like their weapons, especially the Brute Shot. the main reason I bought this Set was for the Grunt, which was (and still is) the most adorable figure I had ever seen! Personally, I prefer these Grunts more than the Modern ones, but everyone has different tastes.

  • SuaveSix02

    This is a great army builder. The variety of both figures and weapons make this one a standout. However, it is not without it's faults. As there are no purple-armored grunts in any of the Halo games, I would rather it be a different color. Also, the black bricks are only good for displaying these figures, and are useless as scenery. Besides those nitpickey things, the set is fine.

  • ladyalexis13

    A great set for army building that allows you to amass several covenant races very quickly. I'm still not keen on the old grunts but the purple armour improves it a little. The elite and brutes though are great. Good selection of weapons as well