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Mark I Prototype Exosuit

Mark I Prototype Exosuit

$ 9.99 USD (MSRP)

Suit up for the ultimate deployment with a buildable Mark I Prototype exosuit!

Level up, Marine! Strengthen your UNSC forces when you upgrade your exoskeleton’s armor with a powerful, buildable Mark I Exosuit. Build for any engagement in this Prototype when you choose from several multi-weapon configurations. Then, man the suit by fitting the included UNSC Marine micro action figure inside to edge out the enemy’s force! Collect all 3 in the series and build an even stronger faction!

Ideal for Probuilders™, ages 8 and up

  1. Buildable Mark I Prototype Exosuit that fits a micro action figure inside
  2. 1 highly-collectible, super-poseable UNSC Marine micro action figure with detachable armor accessories
  3. Buildable weapon options for multiple custom battle-ready configurations
  4. Ideal for ages 8 and up, this building set features detailed authenticity to strengthen creative thinking skills
  5. Bricks combine with all Mega Construx™ building sets and are compatible with major brands

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15 Reviews

  • BungieExpert1

    To be honest, this suit looks incredible! Ghost himself is, obviously, just a normal marine, but I kind of wish that he had some sort of distinction from the other marines. I.E.: a bloody nose, like he had in Prototype after the fight. Also, the bits that were yellow are now green, and I don't know what the idea was behind that. Imagine if they put in really small details that you wouldn't notice when you look at it the first time, like faint, backwards, blue lettering that said "BE HUMAN" in the visor. But we don't get that, and I'm not ragging on Mega for this, because that would be borderline impossible. But, what we got is this beauty, this MASTERPIECE. Have a good day, all, and don't forget to be human!

  • JoanEstradaCollector

    Primero muchos hicieron su custom con el exo traje de Jhonson... muy hermosos por cierto.. pero ahora tenemos al personaje oficial de halo legends..... una chulada de set, un gusto tenerlo en la colección...

  • BungieGuardian3

    Hello! I'm a local hardcore Halo Fan. I pretty much gotta say I gotta love this set! It would've been a 5 star if you could've made the shoulders pads and knee guards yellow accurately to the Anime Halo Legends. But overall, It's pretty good!


    I love this set. I have admired the Prototype armor since I saw it in Halo Legends, and I am so glad to have it in Mega Construx form! I would give it a 5 star rating, but there are some minor obstructions. Mainly, the back plate with the gun and missile launcher comes off all the time, and it's annoying to have to keep putting it back on. But overall, the suit is mostly what I remember from Halo Legends, and I like that it is the same color that it is in Halo Legends, too. I recommend this set, but more for display than play.

  • orangeole

    This exo suit is incredible! It looks awesome, and it’s a lot of fun to pose and play with. I enjoy that it comes with the alternate helmet. The color scheme is nice, too.

    There are two serious issues, though, and both are with the back of the figure. The first is that it is very fragile, and the top half is almost impossible to keep from shifting out of place. This could be fixed using a single 1x2 plate, though. The other is that the Gatling gun is really just the barrels. This looks fine from the front, but it’s somewhat awkward to look at from the sides or behind.

    Overall, though, it is a really fantastic figure, and is definitely worth picking up.