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Micro Action Figures 10th Anniversary Series

Micro Action Figures 10th Anniversary Series

$ 2.99 USD (MSRP)

Choose your teams with 10 collectible Halo characters celebrating 10 years of Halo micro action figures!Choose your teams with 10 collectible Halo characters celebrating 10 years of Halo micro action figures!

A battle 10 years in the making, ready your teams with this exclusive anniversary series. For our 10-year anniversary, we’ve added 2 extra micro action figures to collect – including a Gold Master Chief – making this commemorative series 10 for 10! Open the mystery blind pack to find UNSC, Covenant, Brute, Elite, or Grunt figures, each sold separately. Each figure comes with its own detachable armor and exclusive gold, battle-ready weapon. Collect them all and celebrate 10 years of Mega Construx Halo!

Ideal for ages 8 and up

  • Blind pack with 1 random Halo micro action figure
  • Collectible figures range from common to ultra-rare
  • Highly detailed, super-poseable figures including heroes and enemies
  • Each figure comes with detachable armor, special 10th Anniversary gold weapon and display brick
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Halo universe, and Build Beyond™!

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8 Reviews

  • Schroom_Forest2

    I stumbled upon a fresh, full box at one of the nearby Walmarts, mid January 2020. Got the entire set in one fell swoop. Lucked out, as I've seen none since.

  • Hunterdino21

    the series is overall great, I have gotten most of the rares and three golden master chiefs(good luck am I right) but some problem I am having is where I got the elite
    and he had two right leg armor pieces. I have looked up ways to replace missing pieces which none have been helpful so that's a oof but it is a good series overall all the little things

  • ArtfulConch

    Got the whole series: Best is Chief, hands down. The cyan Hereoskrill is a nice addition, and the H3 Elite looks good in UNSC/Separatist colors. The only figure I don’t like the brute due to a lack of detail, but 5 stars

  • TRGFox

    I had to buy the full set off of Ebay sadly... the distribution on the 10th Anniversary Blind bags is not good in my area, I have searched all around multiple times... the Green Elite and Cyan Helioskrill are my favorites!

  • RandomGuyWhoLovesMegaConstrux

    Really great set of figures, I just wish I was able to collect them all. All my local retail stores don't have them in stock, the only blind bags I was able to get was when I was out of state for a while and found them at a local mall. Out of all the figures, I really hope I can add the Green Elite to my collection. Since Mega officially designates it as a Halo 3 Elite means that I can technically display it as part of the Separatist forces under Rtas 'Vadum that accompanied Master Chief to the Ark. Now if only we had a Green Separatist Phantom to go with them...