Rocket Boost Power Pack

Rocket Boost Power Pack

$ 6.99 USD (MSRP)

Super-charge your assault with a REQ station loaded with heavy-duty gear!

Stock up and obliterate your enemy when you build your REQ station and outfit your Spartan for victory with your favourite explosive weapons! The REQ station opens to reveal a variety of Ultra Rare- and Mythic-tier weapons, including a Rocket Launcher, Battle Rifle with fade skin and DMR with blue steel skin. The highly-decorated weapons all feature premium printed detail and come with a bayonet, silencer, and scope attachments for customization. Gear up your Spartan, and get in there!

Ideal for ages 8 and up

  • Highly collectible, super-poseable Spartan micro action figure
  • Figure comes with detachable translucent orange armor
  • Buildable REQ station opens to reveal Ultra-Rare and Mythic-tier weapons
  • Highly detailed accessories include a Rocket Launcher, Battle Rifle with fade skin and DMR with blue steel skin
  • Weapons feature printed detail and come with scope and bayonet attachments for customization
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Halo universe, and Build Beyond™!

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8 Reviews

  • SonicBoy67

    one of my favorite sets LOVE the armor way cooler than the plain red one in the UNSC gungoose is not as good color wise.

  • ArtfulConch

    Can’t complain. A well-rounded, good set.

  • Dat_Spartan055

    Great set the Rocket launcher would go great with my weapons

  • Spartanz19

    What a nice set! Unfortunately, unlike the other REQ pods, this one doesn’t have a nice printed stud with the power up logo. But they couldn’t because this isn’t based on a power up. But MAN I love this new weapon system! The muzzle flash is ingeniously designed so that you can use it with or without the suppressor. My one complaint, the new weapons’ attachment point for the scope. It doesn’t look right of you don’t have a scope on it. But other than that, great set! Probably my favorite of them all.

  • Megs-D16

    This set is alright. It isn't bad or anything but it could be a little better. First off, the figure isn't really anything to ride home about. The Pathfinder is a pretty cool design but I think the set should've included a new mold instead. Like an Engineer or CIO. Or they could've included a mold we haven't seen in a while, like the Enforcer. The color they decided to mold the armor in is pretty cool. We don't see translucent orange on micro-action figures very often. Even know I don't know any of the names of the weapons or the advantage they give a player in game I think they're pretty cool. I really like the new molds you get for the Battle Rifle and the DMR. The paint details on both are very good and well applied. And not only that, they look pretty cool as well. The blue and white on the DMR look oddly professional and looks like something a normal UNSC soldier would use. Whether it be a Spartan or ODST. The Battle Rifle is also looks somewhat professional despite the brighter colors. Those being orange and teal. The attachments you get for both weapons are very cool as well. You get a scope, silencer, and a firing effect piece. The scope being a new mold. They're all compatible with the each of the weapons and I believe they're compatible with other weapons. Those weapons being the Assault Rifle and SMG you get from other REQ packs. The best weapon in the set is definitely the Rocket Launcher. Not only it's the Bungie design, the colors make it look incredibly dangerous and threatening. Overall, I think the set is worth getting. In terms of weapons this set is the best of the REQ Packs.