Turret Takedown

Turret Takedown

$ 9.99 USD (MSRP)

  1. ​Halo Infinite inspired Banished turret vehicle building set with dual missile launcher and short wall
  2. ​2 highly collectible micro action figures, a Spartan HAZOP and a Grunt Conscript, with authentic detail, 12 points of articulation, display stands and interchangeable weapon accessories
  3. Ideal for ages 8 and up, this building set features detailed authenticity to strengthen creative thinking skills
  4. 100 bricks and pieces combine with all Mega Construx building sets and are compatible with other name brands​
Product Copy
​​Turn the tables in battle, soldier, by taking over this Banished turret. Inspired by Halo Infinite, this buildable turret features a dual missile launcher with 6 missiles and a short wall for your hero to duck and cover between attacks. This construction set also includes 2 micro action figures that can be seated on top of the turret. Solider, it's time to take over the battle.

Ideal for Probuilders, ages 8+

What's in the Box
  • ​100 bricks and pieces
  • 2 micro action figures​

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6 Reviews

  • Melissa2004

    i agree with zeozyk its way to simple i mean they could have detailed the turrets a little bit don't you think

  • Zeozyk

    The spartan looks great, the grunt is standard but the turret is well, too simple. Luckily as always we can mod it with other pieces. The generator thingy is a good accessory piece though.

  • These_crayon5

    Awesome set Love the grunt and the hazop looks nice

  • TerribleTucker69Productions

    I got the set mostly for the grunt and turret. The turret isn't great but using some spare parts I improved it.

  • FireCaptain43

    The Hazop looks so cool...