UNSC Flame Warthog

UNSC Flame Warthog

$ 24.99 USD (MSRP)


Not just for recon operations, the all-new UNSC Flame Warthog by Mega Bloks Halo tackles multiple missions. The M12 Force Application Vehicle is the UNSC’s primary ground vehicle, commonly used for its scouting and reconnaissance capacity. With an actual working suspension and 360 rotating turret, the highly mobile all-wheel drive “Hog” with all-new flame paintjob is clearly ready for battle! Features two new super-articulated micro action figures with customizable armor, includes 2 Spartan GUNGNIR.

Ideal for ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable Warthog in new flame deco
  • Real-working suspension and 360 rotating turret
  • Spartan GUNGNIR: Two NEW super-articulated micro action figures in gold and crimson, with black armored techsuits, upgraded articulation and customizable armor system with enhanced details and proportions
  • Weapons and accessories: Tactical Shotgun, LMG and a Target Locator

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28 Reviews

  • IceBoy929

    A good set the warthog is really good the detail in INSANE the minifigures are mah just releases of gungnir all and all you should get it

  • shuffcragster

    Great set. The Gungnirs are nice fugures too have and the warthog is well done.I like the halo wars skin on the hog.but the suspension was hard to put together and my M739 saw was bent when i opened the box. On the box it shows the gungnirs having different legs then they actually do.

  • Jamesbond52

    I love the set, the warthog looks amazing and the characters are perfect for any rvb Mocs or animation, I do find sadly that they refuse to sit in the warthog sometimes and the turret knocks into the bars and mini fig on it, felt like we could of got an elite with it or a blue soldier but I love how good it looks and a good set to collect if you like the look of it

  • ccbrowning5

    This set is amazing. I love that there are no stickers and that the decals are built into the blocks. I believe that mega bloks should've replaced the Spartan Gugnirs with Scouts or Warriors. It was a pain to put the technic pieces together but i finally got it.

  • bentobox

    The Flame Warthog is one of the best sets I own. The decals (flames) are awesome. Although the GUNGNIR Spartans are very satisfying, I would have preferred a different Spartan (such as the MK IV). Overall, the Flame Warthog is a fantastic set with two new articulation Spartans and great weapons choices.