Warthog Run

Warthog Run

$ 29.99 USD (MSRP)

Hunters are closing in on our heroes! Defeat them in battle when you build the Warthog!

Turn the Hunters into the hunted! Featuring full suspension, treaded rubber tires and a pivoting turret, the Warthog tactical vehicle is ready for action. With the Master Chief at the wheel and the Arbiter on the turret, you’ll run down the two Hunters in quick order.

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Buildable iconic warthog utility vehicle with full suspension, treaded rubber tires and a pivoting turret
  • Includes 4 highly detailed, super poseable micro action figures: Master Chief, Arbiter and 2 Hunters
  • Figures come with interchangeable armor and Assault Rifle, Carbine and special 10th anniversary golden Flamethrower weapon accessories
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Halo universe, and Build Beyond™!

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55 Reviews

  • LavaHunter19

    My one problem is the classic mega construx distribution and scalpers buying it and reselling it for double the price on eBay other than those two problems I really like this set I wish they included more hunters and sets in a pair

  • RocketRanger9

    Good set but Arbiter, Chief, and the hunters are horribly stiff and won't even move I jammed my middle finger putting in Arbiters leg and I did one hunter because they're so hard to put together also I had to take the entire thing apart because Mega gave me half the wrong piece to hold the thing together.

  • epicblitzfire

    good set, but the green spikes were hard to get into the hunters, and I would have liked the belt (for the minigun) to be a bronze or copper color

  • AzureAce

    It's a great set and all but the figures are a bit well... Questionable?

    Master Chief and Arbiter cool, love them, but two Hunters? Off of the name of the set "Warthog Run" and the background of the box which is the final level of Halo 3 I thought that they'd include some Flood in this set, maybe a couple of Carrier Forms, a Combat Form and a couple Infection Forms because this set is clearly based on that iconic Warthog Run section in the end of Halo 3 which only includes Flood and Sentinels as enemies, so it just makes no sense to me that there's Hunters in the set. Other than that, brilliant set, highly recommend it.

  • DaGaMeR

    It is a great set however I eould have likes to an energy sword for the arbiter