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It’s an 8-Bit invasion when you build and collect your favorite pop culture icons with Kubros! Now you can build your own Spock figure block by block, complete with iconic details drawn from the original Star Trek character. Featuring the signature Vulcan hair and blue uniform, this collectible figure brings it back to the old school with a blocky shape and retro-fied design inspired by the era of classic gaming. With its signature coin detail on the foot, and arms and head that move, you can pose your Spock figure different ways for a showcase-worthy display. Collect all your favorite characters from movies, video games and more, and build your fandom with Kubros!

Ideal for ages 10 and up

  • Buildable Spock figure with blocky, retro-inspired design
  • Piece-by-piece construction
  • Signature coin detail
  • Arms and head move for dynamic display
  • Collect all your favorite Kubros characters and build the invasion!

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5 Reviews

  • seris93

    I loved building Spock. His pointy ears and classic salute made me so happy. I just really love this line and have had much joy collecting and building them. Spock was especially a lot of fun.

  • JRobertSavoie

    The first few pieces are really hard to assemble but it get prretty easy after. The fingers could be a bit longer. Look really nice.

  • VeGates

    I had heard these were coming out and at first I thought the look was strange. When I realized there were Star Trek characters coming out, I couldn't resist to try one! I picked this up at a local Walmart; I really liked the display box art and other colorful characters. The build was fun, easy instructions. I love the eyes that can be adjusted for different emotions. I also appreciate all the little touches like printed bricks, accessories, and the Kubros foot medallion.

  • Konarkanuck

    This, along with the Master Chief, was one of the first of the Kubros sets I picked up. very enjoyable evening spent building Spock and a welcome addition to my collection

  • Johnmegafan

    The first one I bought and it was a no Brainer. Star trek fan and Mr. Spock count me in. Looks great. Love it glad I got it. But was surprised that as big fan I am . I liked skeleton in this release of six better. And equal to terminator. Love it and had to have it. But doesn't totally stand out with extras as some of the others. Still a must have. Live long and prosper.