Castle Grayskull

Castle Grayskull

$ 249.99 USD (MSRP)

  • Mega Construx Signature Series with premium detail and over 3500 pieces!
  • Buildable Castle Grayskull that folds open and close, with 3 floors and 6 areas, throne room, command center, dungeon, 2 secret doors, and working Jawbridge, elevator and turrets
  • Jawbridge is activated by the Power Sword
  • Throne room features its iconic trap door
  • 6 highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures include He-Man, Skeletor, Man-At-Arms, Beast Man, the Goddess and an exclusive Sorceress, signature weapons and interchangeable accessories including iconic weapons rack and the Orb of Grayskull
  • He-Man, Skeletor, Man-At-Arms, Beast Man and the Goddess figures feature exclusive decoration
  • Includes deluxe, vintage packaging, collectors’ poster and Mega Construx Easter egg!
Become the Master of the Universe when you build Eternia’s mythical fortress and reveal the secrets hiding within Castle Grayskull!

You’ll have the power when you build your own Castle Grayskull. Based on the Masters of the Universe: Classics version, every detail of this castle has been faithfully recreated, right down to the working elevator, turrets and throne room with trap door – the Jawbridge is even activated by the Power Sword! Build this massive fortress using more than 3500 pieces, then battle for Eternia with the 6 included micro action figures: He-Man, Skeletor, Man-At-Arms, Beast Man, the Goddess and the Sorceress. Castle Grayskull was built to protect an unknown source of power – and now you can build it too!

Ideal for ages 14 and up

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15 Reviews

  • jcampos732

    Love this set! As a MOTU fan from the 80's reliving my childhood with this is awesome. I love the scale and ability to own the figures and castle without taking up much space in my home. I'm still working on the castle but love it so much I just bought Roton and Point Dread sets for something to do during the winter. I also cannot wait for Wave 2 of the figures to come out. This is a great way to recollect my long lost figures and my childhood.

  • Jingram742

    Great set. Really too bad that sorceresses eyes are misspainted.

  • Hellbaby11

    Love it! detailed and interesting build, with great features. Excellent selection of figures and accessories with plenty of spares.
    Can't fault it!

  • ToyBuddha

    This set is amazing. Period. Adult fan here. I was a big MOTU fan as a kid. I usually build sets for my son to play with. This set we both built together. Like father like son.. he is enjoying MOTU as much as I did as a kid. A set with a 3500+ piece count in the competitor's blocks would be roughly $350. The price on this set is great @ less than $200 most times. I got mine for about $160 (watch amazon). I have been hooked on all the MCX MOTU stuff since. there are several smaller sets like this making their way to shelves but I'd love to see another HUGE set like this. Snake Mountain?? Eternia? Gimme more!!

  • SteveT

    I had more fun making the Technodrome, but this had a much more streamlined instructions, with numbered bags and all. All in all, very enjoyable with a variety of unique figures. One small contention, the armour stand would've been nice if it were an actual suit of armour, and not a print on a tile.