Ride n’ Chomp Croc

Ride n’ Chomp Croc

$ 34.99 USD (MSRP)

3-in-1 fun with a crocodile ride-on, block scooper and building block set!

Toddlers can build an appetite for playtime when they roll out with a ride-on croc that’s hungry for blocks! Sit behind the handlebar and scoot out on the back of this friendly crocodile to chomp up any blocks in your path. Or use the included 25 building blocks to build anything you imagine, practicing fine motor skills and creativity as you play!

Ideal for ages 1 to 3


  • Crocodile-themed ride-on with handlebar
  • Scoot over blocks to scoop them up!
  • Seat lid opens for easy storage
  • Includes 25 building blocks to build anything they imagine
  • First Builders blocks are perfect for little hands
  • Hands-on play for early childhood development
  • Combine with other Mega Bloks® preschool toys and Build Them Up™!

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