Aquatic Building Set Booster

Aquatic Building Set Booster

$ 4.99 USD (MSRP)

Bring your ideas to life to invent dynamic new play experiences under the sea!

Bring your ideas to life and upgrade your inventions with this awesome 50-piece building set booster! Customize your creations by diving deep into your imagination! This set features an awesome aquatic theme and an exclusive flex piece so you can build by your own rules! Get the official app for even more inspiration, or use your imagination to create something that’s never been built before! Mix and match with other sets to build anything and everything! 

For ages 5 and up


  • 50 assorted aquatic-themed building bricks
  • 1 special flex piece for building in inventive new ways
  • Download the Mega Construx™ Beyonders™ app for even more inspiring ways to build
  • Enhance your inventions for infinite possibilities
  • Combine with other Mega Construx Inventions™ building sets for bigger, wilder creations!
  • Bring your ideas to life, and Build Beyond™!

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