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Build and collect your favorite pop culture icons from movies, video games, TV, and more!

Bite my shiny metal block! Now you can create your own collectible Bender figure, giving him a blocky, 8-Bit look when you build him brick by brick! Complete with iconic details drawn from the original Futurama™ character, this buildable Bender comes with his signature antenna and a door that opens to three gold bricks inside, and features a pixel-fied design inspired by the era of classic gaming. Pose Bender’s arms and head to display him different ways. Collect all your favorite pop culture icons and build the invasion with Kubros!

Ideal for ages 10 and up


  • Buildable, collectible Bender figure
  • Blocky, retro-inspired design
  • Piece-by-piece construction
  • Signature Kubros coin detail
  • Arms and head move for dynamic display
  • Collect all your favorite Kubros characters and build the invasion!

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2 Reviews

  • VeGates

    Bite my shiny metal a*^! Bender is fantastic! I love the silvery metallic pieces. His big eyes and interesting build elements around them are expressive. His chest plate opens and is filled with gold bars! If only there was a beer in there too! He comes with a bent pipe, which is perfect for his namesake Bender "Bending" Rodriguez! Can't wait to collect the rest of the Futurama series in the future!

  • Nademega1

    Donde puedo conseguirlo en México ? :( lo quierooo