Tower Strike

Tower Strike

$ 6.99 USD (MSRP)


Protect your kingdom’s border in a tower outpost standoff!

You shall not pass! An enemy knight just walked into the wrong tower outpost, and a watchful blue knight is ready to teach him a lesson when you build an epic tower duel! Build the tower and hang the blue flag high and proud. But only a few steps away, the red knight just planted his flag to guard his army’s boundaries too! Will swords clash or will you talk it out when you use the emoji speech bubble accessory to settle the argument? Do you come in peace?

Ideal for ages 6 and up

•    Buildable tower with banner and barrel
•    Buildable red army outpost with flag and dragon-horn barricade
•    2 buildable mini figures include 1 red knight and 1 blue knight
•    Figures come with interchangeable armor, helmets, and weapons
•    Each collectible character has a unique expression
•    Includes 1 emoji speech bubble and accessories to play out your story!
•    Combine with other construction toys from Mega Construx™
•    Discover different themes to collect!
•    Build your own big stories in Mega Construx World™, and Build Beyond™!

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