Greninja vs. Electabuzz

$ 29.99 USD (MSRP)

Launch into battle when two Pokémon unleash powerful attacks!

Two Pokémon square off when you build battles between Greninja and Electabuzz! First, build your fully articulated Pokémon, then spring into battle by launching water shurikens from each of Greninja’s arms! Retaliate with an Electric-type attack from Electabuzz. Then, set the scene for new battles when you display your Pokémon in different poses!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  1. Buildable Greninja and Electabuzz figures
  2. Greninja has articulated legs, tail, head and arms with 2 launchers
  3. Electabuzz has articulated legs, tail, head and arms with a launcher
  4. Hand-activated launcher battle effects for dynamic action sequences
  5. Display with other Pokémon construction sets from Mega Construx™
  6. Build your Pokémon world, and Build Beyond™!

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1 Review

  • Mixelfan15

    I originally got this set off amazon. At first i though electabuzz would look odd but it looks much better than i thought. And greninja is on point! The part with the webbing was super creative as well. Overall i enjoyed the set. Very high quality. I give this a recommendation score of 9/10