Totodile vs. Snubbull

Totodile vs. Snubbull

$ 14.99 USD (MSRP)

Bring twice the bite to the battle with Totodile versus Snubbull!

Choose your Pokémon and battle to become the greates! It’s Totodile against Snubbull when you create your own action-packed showdowns between these Pokémon! Build your Pokémon, set the scene for a battle, and prepare to unleash opposing Water-type and Fairy-type attacks. Then bring extra bite to the fight when you press to activate the action pieces to create exciting battle effects!

Ideal for ages 6 and up

• Buildable Totodile and Snubbull figures
• Buildable environment with battle effect details
• Pressure-activated pieces for dynamic battle action
• Combine with other Pokémon construction sets from Mega Construx™
• Build your Pokémon world, and Build Beyond™!

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1 Review

  • rustybuckles

    This one turned out very cute what with being able to launch Snubbull in a full frontal attack on Totodile and being able to flip Totodile so that he launches water bubbles at Snubbull in defense. Very cool.

    I also like the fact that they started making the PokeBalls "stay-in-place" versus the earlier sets where the balls were always flying off the platform.