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Paras looks sharp with this buildable Pokémon figure!

Build the power that’s inside! The path to becoming a Pokémon Trainer starts when you choose your Pokémon. Battle with the best of them when you open the Poké Ball to build your very own Paras, then claw your way into battle when you unleash a Bug- or Grass-type attack! Then, discover even more Pokémon figures when you build all 6 in the series.

Idea for ages 6 and up


  • Buildable Paras figure
  • Poké Ball with pronged top and interior for figure display
  • Build all 6 Pokémon in the series
  • Combine with other Pokémon construction sets from Mega Construx™
  • Build your Pokémon world, and Build Beyond™

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5 Reviews

  • Darde

    Uno de mis bichos favoritos, aunque prefiero su evolución, espero que algún día hagan a Paras!! Literalmente quiero atraparlos a todos!!

  • Keilvethe

    The figure looks great, one of the better-looking ones out of the whole series (the ones that come with the big pokéballs). Specially great considering it makes use of no exclusive pieces whatsoever. Very simple and straight forward build, also. However, the thing is outrageously overpriced for such a simple and small figure. Actually, dealing with the packaging was more difficult than the build itself, which is no good at all.

  • clarkc50x

    Not much to say other than it looks great and scales perfectly with the other Pokémon. Need Parasect now!!

  • Cyberkong

    The paras is fun to build and is unique from all the other pokèmon. The only issue is that a got a leg peace that was a little weard but it was easy to fix with an exacto knife.

  • dark78660

    I love this Paras, it scaled well with the size and looks amazing, the face detail was done very well and makes a great addition to the rest of the sets! I cant wait for more of these sets, I hope these singles come in a variety of different pokeballs in future sets.