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Bring your best shot to the battle with a buildable Blastoise!

Fast, accurate, and powerful, now you can unleash a torrent of Water-type moves when you build your own battle-ready Blastoise! With its hard shell, articulated arms, and strong stance, this iconic Water-type Pokémon stands ready to blast any opponent when you let loose with the 2 working water cannons! Blastoise comes with a buildable Water-type environment featuring battle effect details and a buildable mini Dive Ball.

Ideal for ages 8 and up

  • Buildable Blastoise figure
  • Articulated arms, legs, and head
  • 2 working water cannon blasters
  • Buildable environment doubles as display stand
  • Includes buildable mini Dive Ball accessory
  • Combine with other Pokémon construction sets from Mega Construx™
  • Build your Pokémon world, and Build Beyond™!

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5 Reviews

  • Keilvethe

    This is a very straight forward set, so this will be a straight forward review. Like all of the Pokémon sets I've gotten so far, Blastoise works much better as a display model than as a toy. The molding is really great, every piece being excelently used to achieve the vey characteristic shapes of the original model. The building techniques are very intersting, resulting in a very entertaining build. However, the figure is sorely lacking in articulation, even more than Charizard was and, besides shooting his water cannons, there is not much that can be done with the figure play-wise. So yeah, not so much of a toy, but a rather excelent buildabele display model.

  • clarkc50x

    Such a fun set! Took about an hour. I love how the colors match the official colors of the Pokémon. Squirtle was my first Pokémon so Blastoise holds a special bond with me. Really loving the hydro pump attack too. Hoping to see more Pokémon with shooting parts and other attack mechanics.

  • Cyberkong

    The build may take more than an hour for most but is worth it and more satisfying than charazard but still fits with the scaling they are going with. I love rhe including of the new dive ball. Cant wait for venasure.

  • kellman72

    So much fun! And with it being my favorite pokemon it was that much more special. Took about an hour and a half! Everything fit perfectly! Keep it up!

  • seris93

    I constructed him and it was the most fun I'd had this season. It took 4 hours. But it was so worth it. Everything fit together well and he turned out perfect. It was the most soothed i'd been recently. I am very happy with him. I really like the action movements with his water pumps. I have no complaints because he is perfect.