$ 9.99 USD (MSRP)

Unleash a Grass-Type attack with Ivysaur!

Pokémon Trainers can practice their Grass-type attacks with their very own Ivysaur! Build this iconic Pokémon, and set the scene for battle when you get Ivysaur in position to snap its mighty vines! Ivysaur comes with its own buildable environment and authentic mini Poké Ball!

Ideal for ages 6 and up


  • Buildable Ivysaur figure with vines
  • Buildable environment with Grass-type details
  • Includes buildable Poké Ball accessory
  • Combine with other Pokémon construction sets from Mega Construx™
  • Build your Pokémon world, and build beyond!

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6 Reviews

  • Pangasio

    Muy bueno el mejor de los tres debido a que no se ve tan cuadrado al chile

  • Pokemon1001

    Ok. I am a fan of ivysaur but this set just makes it that much better already! I like his inviorment it really makes sense that a leave/poison type Pokemon would live in that inviorment. The ivysaur is my fav part of this set!!!!!!!! He was hard to build but I finished it in no time. I think mega contrux has done a great job with this evolution so far. I whould love if mega contrux made a Venasaur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clarkc50x

    Ivysaur was such a fun set. The colors of the bricks and pieces are stunning and extremely accurate to the official color scheme. I love the vine whip attack and this makes me anticipate a Venasaur set.

  • seris93

    I just put him together today and am very happy with him. His vines are nice and wiggly and his platform stays together nicely. The flower was a little tricky and needs to be a bit wider so his leaves can be spread out more. Very good for autistic people who like to build (i.e me and if this applies to you). Very grumpy expression. I love his grumpiness. A good addition to my family of 1st generation, 2nd evolution starters.

  • Cyberkong

    The figure has great scaling but the head isn't possible. The base plate ecosystem is built great and the vine/plant things are fun but I don't know if ivysaur would really live in that kind of environment.