Traje externo Skyfire™

Traje externo Skyfire™

¡Alcanza un nuevo nivel con un equipo legendario cuando construyas el traje externo Skyfire!

¡Ponte el traje y acepta el desafío! Defiende a tu escuadrón cuando mejores tu armadura de exoesqueleto con un poderoso traje externo Skyfire armable. Prepárate para cualquier confrontación cuando escojas entre varias configuraciones de armas múltiples. Luego, toma el traje y coloca la microfigura de acción de Marine del UNSC incluida en el interior para superar cualquier batalla. ¡Colecciona los 3 trajes de la serie y construye una facción más poderosa!

Ideal para Probuilders™ de 8 años en adelante

  1. Traje externo Skyfire armable que se puede colocar en la microfigura de acción incluida en el interior
  2. Una microfigura de acción de Marine del UNSC coleccionable que puede adoptar diversas poses y que cuenta con accesorios de armadura desmontable
  3. Opciones de armas para construir para múltiples escenarios personalizados listos para la batalla
  4. Ideal para niños de 8 años en adelante. Este juego de construcción presenta una autenticidad detallada para fortalecer las habilidades de pensamiento creativo
  5. Se puede combinar con todos los juegos de construcción de Mega Construx™ y es compatible con las marcas más importantes

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10 Reseñas

  • MuffinHunter326

    Here’s another review! I went to a Dollar General, and saw all 3 exosuits. I bought ‘em all, and they did not disappoint. The coloration of blue and orange clash, but it’s a good clash of colors, the contrast looks not formidable, but stoking. The jet pack on the back is super cool, especially the live flames. I wish armor was allowed inside the exosuit, since you have to strip a figure every time you want to put them in, but you can’t have it all. The dual machine guns are cool, and I love how they can come out of the hand. The HALO 4 marine model is well made, and the SAW is a good representation of the HALO 4 variant. 5/5 stars for this beauty. The $12.0 were well spent!

  • MuffinMaster3

    The skyfire exosuit is a great set but sadly because I have to take his armor off all the time his chest plate broke I would really like it if you could allow armor inside the suit


    Love the figure and set but hate that you have to take his armor off. Otherwise great set!

  • Hakuru15

    An amazing action figure! Its like having two toys in one! I will have to say this was only available on amazon where I am in Australia and it costed me quite a bit to get the little dude, i think around 29 dollars a bit of shipping? Again nothing wrong with the action figure, but i really wish distribution was a little easier for local stores near me. Other than that this is a great action figure with play-ability and weapon placements and not to mention the colors of this guy stands out really well!

  • LaserRanger3

    The new Exosuits are awesome and I love the sky fire type