Warthog de rescate del Equipo Rojo

  • Pieces 331
  • Item HHC38
  • Age 8+

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  • LaserHacker84

    Looks so cool! I want it

  • odst00528

    Please stop making store exclusives. You should sell direct to consumer from your website. I guarantee profits will increase

  • KraftyForU1

    Looks great in pictures. However, with it being a Walmart exclusive and EVERY SINGLE Walmart within a 2 hour drive not carrying any Halo stuff, I am out of luck with ever owning this set.

  • LaserHacker83

    how do you buy it pls i need it

  • Kaleidescoop

    Pretty awesome and my first Mega Construx set. The Warthog is very neatly designed and I love the suspension, as well as the inclusion of alternate turrets and replacement parts to swap out the fire decal if need be. I'm disappointed with the build of the second turret's stand, however. It's incredibly unbalanced and falls over if you rotate the turret in almost any direction and feels like an afterthought.