Exosuit Skyfire™

Exosuit Skyfire™

Fais passer une équipe légendaire au niveau supérieur en construisant l’exosuit Skyfire!

Habille-les en conséquence pour faire face à l’ennemi! Mets en valeur ton équipe en améliorant l’armure de votre exosquelette grâce à un puissant exosuit Breacher à construire. Construis-le pour n’importe quelle confrontation lorsque tu choisis parmi plusieurs configurations multiarmes. Ensuite, anime la combinaison en insérant la microfigurine de marine CSNU fournie pour dominer les forces ennemies! Collectionne les 3 de la série et rassemble une faction encore plus forte!

Idéal pour les Probuilders™ de 8 ans et plus

  1. Un exosuit Skyfire à construire qui s’adapte à une microfigurine à l’intérieur
  2. Une figurine de marine UNSC de collection super articulée avec accessoires amovibles
  3. Options d’armement personnalisables à construire pour de multiples configurations prêtes au combat
  4. Idéal pour les enfants de 8 ans et plus, ce jouet de construction présente une authenticité détaillée pour aiguiser la réflexion créative
  5. Les briques se combinent avec tous les ensembles de construction Mega Construx™ et sont compatibles avec les grandes marques

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10 Évaluations

  • MuffinHunter326

    Here’s another review! I went to a Dollar General, and saw all 3 exosuits. I bought ‘em all, and they did not disappoint. The coloration of blue and orange clash, but it’s a good clash of colors, the contrast looks not formidable, but stoking. The jet pack on the back is super cool, especially the live flames. I wish armor was allowed inside the exosuit, since you have to strip a figure every time you want to put them in, but you can’t have it all. The dual machine guns are cool, and I love how they can come out of the hand. The HALO 4 marine model is well made, and the SAW is a good representation of the HALO 4 variant. 5/5 stars for this beauty. The $12.0 were well spent!

  • MuffinMaster3

    The skyfire exosuit is a great set but sadly because I have to take his armor off all the time his chest plate broke I would really like it if you could allow armor inside the suit


    Love the figure and set but hate that you have to take his armor off. Otherwise great set!

  • Hakuru15

    An amazing action figure! Its like having two toys in one! I will have to say this was only available on amazon where I am in Australia and it costed me quite a bit to get the little dude, i think around 29 dollars a bit of shipping? Again nothing wrong with the action figure, but i really wish distribution was a little easier for local stores near me. Other than that this is a great action figure with play-ability and weapon placements and not to mention the colors of this guy stands out really well!

  • LaserRanger3

    The new Exosuits are awesome and I love the sky fire type