Spartan Mark VI

Spartan Mark VI

Scopri il nuovissimo equipaggiamento da super soldato con uno Spartan in armatura Mark VI!

Preparati alla battaglia con l'ultima evoluzione dell'armatura MJOLNIR con uno Spartan che indossa l'armatura Mark VI! Con decorazioni esclusive e un autentico SAW, questo micro personaggio d'azione deluxe da collezione è dotato di armatura rimovibile e può sfoggiare le pose più dinamiche grazie all'astina trasparente del piedistallo da costruire con nome e codice stampati. Scegli il tuo eroe preferito o colleziona tutti e 6 i personaggi per condurre le tue Squadre alla vittoria!

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  • Esclusivo Spartan micro personaggio d'azione da collezione super snodato con armatura Mark VI
  • Dettagli autentici per un'esposizione unica
  • Il personaggio è dotato di armatura rimovibile e SAW
  • Il piedistallo da costruire ha il nome del personaggio stampato e un'astina trasparente per metterlo in posa
  • Collezionali e combinali con altri set costruzioni Halo da Mega Construx™
  • Costruisci il tuo universo Halo, costruisci oltre!


8 Recensioni

  • Texas-259

    This is a great figure. Not the best I've seen, but it still has great detailing and makes a great signature figure. I have one and use it in a lot of stories. Overall a good figure.

  • Marki

    One of my first Spartans I've ever got and defiantly one of my favorites although I kinda wish he didn't have that black thing on his face but still a GREAT figure!!

  • JoeFilms

    Another great addition to the Halo Heroes Series! The amount of detail on him is great! You can't tell in the pictures, but the blue details on him are shiny, which just adds to his greatness!. Also, the SAW is one of my favorite weapons, so getting a painted one was very nice.

  • joseroberto

    pregunta donde lo puedo comprar en mexico, tamaulipas, cuidad victoria

  • Megs-D16

    Of all the generic Spartans you get in the Halo Heroes Series this is easily the best one. In my opinion at least. The figure itself is very good looking. I appreciate the armor type Mega decided to go with. The Mark VI is a very old school and iconic design, it was a good choice. The shade of red they decided to mold the armor in is very good looking as well. The red is bright enough to pop and it's dark enough to make the figure look more realistic. The extra colors that were molded into the armor to replicate a sort of black wash or a weathering effect are greatly appreciated. It isn't perfect but It's, as stated before, appreciated. Paint apps are pretty good looking and well applied. Except for the ones on the legs. The paint on the legs is a bit messy, it isn't too bad though. The metallic blue and white paint make for a very good contrast to the red. The silver visor also makes for a very good contrast. It's better than the generic gold that's typically used. The SAW that's included with figure is very realistic looking and game accurate, from what I remember at least. Overall, I think this figure Is worth getting. But! Before you all run off to buy this figure I must warn you all of something. Do not get this figure online! Not because it's particularly expensive but because of the paint. I know I said the paint on the figure is good and well applied but that's on my copy of the figure. I've seen some in stores that look pretty bad. Just something to keep in mind.