Ghost of Requiem

  • Pieces 141
  • Item HHC36
  • Age 8+

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  • Toro-229

    Definitely a good set, love the color of the Energy Sword! Seems more game-accurate than some out there.

    I have to say, I wish the set came with a Spartan too, that would complete it for me! Well, that and an M41 SPNKr... please include some more of those along the line, MEGA, please!

  • MarshmallowChef31

    Awesome set!!! Love it

  • TacoSpy36

    Gek lhar is cool, marines are cool, grunt is cool, ghost is cool.

  • TheReaperMann

    Mega painted all the details on the figures except the storm grunt, but that doesn't bother me too much. The marines come with removable helmets, something mega is starting to make a trend of and I love it. the ghost looks nice. one small issue is that my marine with the battle rifle had 2 of the right leg armor, the other one was turned around and out on his left leg. I don't know if that's an actual issue or if it's supposed to come that way, but it looks good. Keep producing these amazing sets mega

  • RocketKing18

    that Gek L'har bro is amazing!!!!!👍 I love hat texture on the ghost