Warthog Missione di Soccorso Squadra Rossa

  • Pieces 331
  • Item HHC38
  • Age 8+

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16 Recensioni

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  • Swiftblade

    Honestly cant find it anyhwere but ebay for 4x the price. Its sad

  • MudHacker8

    I really want this set

  • FireCaptain221

    great set took me a long time to find it. please stop making walmart exclusives mega

  • Talonrex

    Great set especially for people who are new to mega

  • FireHacker174

    GREAT SET, I got mine off of Ebay they really helped me out a TONE with finding this set. The only thing i would change is that it has one banished figure because in the past warthog sets they always had a covenant or banished.