большой самосвал CAT®.

большой самосвал CAT®.

Приготовьтесь строить с самосвалом CAT® и 25 строительными блоками!

Загружайте и разгружайте грузы с помощью этого большого желтого самосвала CAT®! Посадите своего Block Buddy™ в водительское кресло и загрузите 25 больших строительных блоков, входящих в комплект, в кузов. Затем выгрузите блоки и стройте из них прямо на самосвале или воплотите в жизнь свою задумку. Созданные для маленьких ручек блоки и самосвал легко держать, поэтому малышам будет легко и весело строить!

Идеальные игрушки для детей в возрасте от 1 года до 5 лет 
  • Большой самосвал CAT® с работающим погрузочным кузовом
  • В комплект входит водитель Block Buddy™
  • В комплекте 25 строительных блоков
  • Строй на самосвале
  • Идеальные игрушки для маленьких ручек малыша
  • Игра способствует раннему развитию ребенка
  • Соберите блоки в баке для легкой уборки
  • Используйте с другими игрушками для дошкольников от Mega Bloks® и Build Them Up™!


3 Критические оценки

  • kshamel

    This was a Christmas gift to my 18 month old son and he loves it. I have to say that if it wasn't for the tire popping off every 5 minutes (no exaggeration) it would have been 5 stars for the review. It's very frustrating to have to fix the tire and interrupt my son's play so frequently because the toy keeps breaking. Also from what I am reading, I am not the only person with this issue. Mega Bloks needs to get on it.

  • JenWallace

    My son loves his truck, but just like the previous review our back wheel comes off too. This isn't a toy that my kids play with periodically either, it's daily. So the frustration of dealing with an upset toddler every few minutes and having to stop what I'm doing to reapply the tire is very annoying. I plan to email CS here and hopefully they have a fix. It's clearly a defect as this is our second Cat dump truck, we exchanged the first one for the same reason.

  • lynlo03

    My 3 year son absolutely loves this truck except the fact that one of the back wheels pops off all the time. I put it back on and he keeps playing and the cycle continues. Other than the tire coming off, he loves pushing it around, putting a bunch of toys in the back, and stacking blocks on it. It's very big which is the best part, what kid doesn't love a large truck!? Great product just needs a little improvement for more enjoyment. After reading reviews on amazon....the tire issue has happened to multiple people.